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Mar 19, 2007 10:31 AM

party menu help

Having a casual birthday party for a child- need to have adult & kid friendly food (30people), nothing fancy. It would be really nice to have room temp foods too! Suggestions please. Also, I was thinking about a tray of mini sandwiches or wraps- suggestions for fillings would be great!

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  1. You might consider cutting the mini sandwiches into shapes with cookie cutters - fussy, but the kids would like it.

    Sandwich filling suggestions: PB and Banana, Pimento Cheese, Ham and Cheese, Egg Salad, Tuna Salad
    Wrap Filling suggestions: Spread with cream cheese and then layer with lunch meat and some plain veggies (lettuce, chopped tomatoes)

    You might also consider:
    Mini pizzas - they serve well at room temp and everyone loves them
    A Taco or Nacho Bar - a little messy, but fun

    1. For dessert would recommend doing cupcakes -- easier to serve and neater than cake. Big bowl of washed strawberries tends to go over well too. Watermellon slices.

      For main -- Sandwiches a great and convenient idea -- few other thoughts --
      - devilled eggs (haven't attempted myself but wish people would serve more)
      - muffin-tin quiches (got some great tips on easy ways to make in earlier post -- can post thread if you're interested)
      - fried of BBQ drumsticks
      - for grown-ups a salad with chicken, goat cheese, currents and toasted walnuts w/lime and olive oil dressing
      - cut up carrots and celery
      - bagals and different flavored cream cheese spreads

      - juice/water for kids
      - coffee for grown-ups

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        Love the deviled egg idea, I make them all the time for family brunch meals- but at a party/leaving them out, I'd worry they would tend to get funky on top (like a dryish look), I sometimes see on egg salad in a case at stores- is there a way to prevent that? .....Or just hope they get eaten quickly!

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          My mom used to put a plate of them on top of a bowl filled with ice -- but they got eaten so quickly probably wasn't necessary. In any event -- not sure this would help with the dryish look issue. Maybe misting with water? That's what they do with fish at stores -- but probably too much bother and kind of werd for a party...

      2. Anything on a stick...satays, corn dogs, fruit skewers. Can be adult and kid friendly, lots of dipping opportunities, and can be made in advance.

        1. I made little open faced roast beef sandwiches on mini pumpernickel recently, with caramelized onions and swiss cheese melted on top. Easy and delicious in each bite. They were a big hit. You could do many variations on this theme.
          My family often makes "party sandwiches". Buy loaves of bread and ask the bakery (counter at the supermarket) to slice them lengthwise. Then take a slice, spread it with your filling (tuna, egg, etc.). On the tuna, you could put gherkins in the middle, on the egg, red pepper, etc. and then roll them up in wax paper tightly. Refrigerate for a day and then take out and slice and display for eating on a platter when near ready to serve.
          Another good sandwich idea is muffalettas - Calabrese bread, sliced horizontally so there are 3 levels. Spread with cold meats, roasted pepper, cheese, sun dried tomato spread, pesto, tapponade, etc. on the different levels. Wrap and let compress in the fridge for several hours or the day before. Then slice wedges and secure with toothpicks.

          1. Chocolate covered strawberries (you can make this the night before)
            If there is a Trader Joe's near you, buy their mini tacos. Just heat them up in the oven for 5 minutes or so, and they are ready to go.