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Mar 19, 2007 10:17 AM

Paris Roast Chicken - Trying to overcome two failures

I love a great roast chicken - ideally with good frites and a pan sauce. The two that I have tried during my trip have been quite disastrous. At L'Ami Louis the 75 euro roast chicken tasted fine but was absurdly expensive and also overcooked. I was not fond of their frites which are really more of the very thin matchstick variety. And, Jacques Cagne's Rotisserie D'En Face was thoroughly medicore (although reasonably priced). I doubt Jacques himself has been in there for a long time, if indeed he is still alive.

So, where can I get great poulet frites? I will pay any price (cheap to expensive - I do not discriminate).

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  1. For bistro fare I like Le Relais Plaza at the Plaza Athenee. The prices are reasonabe for a hotel location. They have a poulet de bresse for about 40 euro and frites will cost an additional 10.

    1. At Brasserie Balzar the Poulet/frites has always been a specialty, offered two ways (leg & thigh vs breast). In recent years they have a reputation for reheating the dish. So the trick is to get there at peak times when it has been freshly prepared. A superb offering, in my opinion. Also, their steak tartare is great.