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Mar 19, 2007 09:58 AM

Fish Mongers in the Harrisburg Area ?

Since the Supermarkets in the area supply most of the meat / fish , does anyone know where I could buy good fresh fish in the area ? Presently I travel 2 hours to Downingtown to go to Wegmans (great seafood selection !! and I love their veal chops, you never see that in Giant in this area). I know Wegmans is opening in 6 months in the area , I hope they don't cater (down) to the area like I've seen in another Wegmans in Williamsport

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  1. Cheyney's Seafood on Quentin Road outside Lebanon would be well worth a visit. The fish is amazingly fresh, and in fact they supply fresh fish and seafood to many local restaurants in the area. It's top-notch. (