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Mar 19, 2007 09:52 AM

Five Guys Famous Burgers & Fries Coming to Middlesex, NJ!


Uh-oh, Five Guys ( ) is opening a place on Rt. 1 in Middlesex, NJ, which isn't too far from where I live. I travel down to Maryland alot, and usually end up getting a burger and fries from their locations in Laurel or Glen Burnie. This stuff is totally addictive.

The burgers are grilled on a flat-top, with a nice char and great flavor, not unlike the west coast's In-n-Out burgers (these are better IMO). The fries are fresh-cut and done in peanut oil to order, and are crisp and amazing. (Although I've heard complaints that some locations don't do them to order and end up getting soggy).

We central NJ residents are in for a treat.

  1. We love love them too. Just remember that their standard burger is a double, small is a single...We eat them in Bethany Beach, Delaware.

    1. While the word "famous" is part of the name, I've never heard of Five Guys and their burgers and fries. Looking at their website, I see it's a chain, and they're in states all down the eastern seaboard, including three outlets in southern NJ. So, how they've managed to remain unknown to me is a total mystery. In any event, if you say the burgers are really good, I may give it a try. Any idea when the Middlesex location will be opening?

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        I've been going to the original in Arlington, VA since they opened. As a matter of fact I went to it last week. And the month before I went to the one they opened in DC. Yes it's a chain but in a good way - they have so far managed to maintain quality and consistency in the burgers. I'm not into fries much but they do take pride in posting where the latest batch of potatoes comes from.

      2. I assume that's Middlesex County, since Route 1 does not go through the town of Middlesex, NJ. The zip code is Edison, NJ.

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          You are certainly right. The location appeas to be just north of Plainfield Ave. in Edison. in a stripmall that also contains Outback Steakhouse. No clues on opening date, though.

          1. re: cranrob

            Are you sure you dont mean "Cheeseburger in Paradise"? Thats due to open soon, on Route 1 across from the Woodbridge Mall, in Woodbridge, which is in Middlesex County.

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              WAIT, i do apologize, i checked their website -- they are coming to Wick Plaza on Route 1 South. This is about 2 lights south of the intersection of 287 and Route 1. Will check it out, thanks for the headsup!!

        2. I'm afraid you will be disappointed. Five Guys used to make the best burgers you ever had, but that was when they only had a few stores in the DC area. They are now the classic example of what goes wrong when you overexpand too fast. While they still make fairly good burgers, they are nothing special anymore. Much better than the average fast food joint, but not as good as the burger you get a a decent diner.

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          1. re: dinwiddie

            This is a tale of how quality control slips in the face of expansion. When there were fewer locations, and particularly when they were all "in the family" of the original founders, one could say that the place was quite good, no matter which location you went to. Now, one is in the position of having to be cautious. It appears that all the locations are still following the original standards (fresh ground beef, not frozen, fries cut fresh in the store from real potatoes, etc.), but the execution and results vary from location to location, and sometimes from shift to shift.

            For those up in NJ, here's hoping that the new location has ownership and management that will do what it takes to be the best, rather than just going through the motions and/or cutting corners.

          2. There's no middle ground with Five Guys, you either love it or hate it (it's a fairly frequent source of heated chat on the DC board). I've been to many locations--including the originals before franchising--and never had a burger I'd go out of my way to get again. Greasy and sloppy on a wimpy bun that can't hold up even with just a few toppings.

            I'd consider it comparable with In-n-Out, that is to say it's decent, but just not worth all the hype.

            For me, the fries are the real draw, as OP describes. With a splash of vinegar, I've never been disappointed in them at any location. (And a regular-size is big enough for everyone at your table.)

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            1. re: tubman

              Well, here's my view:
              I used to be a burger snob... any burger that wasn't done over real charcoal just wasn't a burger for me. Now, I divide burgers into two categories: Backyard Burgers (the ones done over charcoal or at least done on a gas grill with direct heat beneath a grid, and Flat-top burgers (ala In-N-Out and Five Guys). Alot of the flavor you get from a Backyard Burger comes from fat dripping on the hot coals or lavarocks or whatever, vaporizing, and wafting back up to flavor the meat. With a good hot flat-top and good quality meat, the flavor comes from a good Maillard Reaction (see ) . Both methods have their own flavors... I no longer have a preference, but it's hard to find a good Flat-top burger these days. The ones I've had at Five Guys have passed the test. :-)

              1. re: cranrob

                I see your point and yes, Five Guys' meat is very good when stacked up against other flat-tops...but alas, count me among the charcoal snobs. And a better bun to keep everything together certainly wouldn't hurt.