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Mar 19, 2007 09:50 AM

Staying in Skaneateles

I'm staying at the Mirbeau next week and looking for places for lunch and dinner, as well as great places to pick up breakfast pastries the night before for the next morning. Any ideas? Also, any favorite wineries you care to recommend?

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  1. We're in Skaneatles most weekends so we know some of the good places to eat and play.
    We like the tavern room at the Sherwood Inn.
    The food is excellent(their encrusted fish is their specialty) and there is usually a fire going in the room.
    We prefer eating at the bar and eating their bar menu to the more formal dining room and higher- priced food.
    The bar usually has a local crowd and the place is very friendly.
    The views of the lake are great also.
    Right up the road from where you are staying on is Roasalia's Cucina ;one of the finest Italian restaurants in the area.
    Fresh breads,and unusual Italian food(this is not your typical red sauce believe me!).
    This is expensive (but worth evry penny) dining.
    Right behind the Sherwood Inn is Pantisserie,a super gourmet bakery where you can get all your breakfast goodies.
    We never go home without hitting this place!
    On Jordan Street is the Skaneatles Bakery where the locals meet and chat.
    They have good baked goods also but not the gourmet treats of Pantisserie.
    Unfortunatley the Krebs Restaurant and the Manadana Inn are both closed for the Winter.
    They would have been fine choices as well.
    The Bluewater Grille,kitty corner from the Sherwood and across the street, is an interesting place for lunch also.
    We've had good lunches there but others we know say the place isn't all that good---judge for yourself.
    Doug's Fish Fry is a real popular place at 8 Jordan Street.
    They have all kinds of fish plates in a small-town restaurant atmosphere.
    We like the place and go here now and then for fish.
    Joe's Pasta Garage is at 28 Jordan Street.
    We've never eaten there and folks we know say it's a mixed bag.
    Rosalia's is the better chice from what we've heard.
    The only restaurant I would advise you to avoid is Angel's at 22 Jordan St.
    We've tried the place 3 times now and every experience has been bad.
    Cold food,small portions,ect.
    We hate to "waste " a meal if you know what I mean.
    As for wineries(and we've hit most of them)our favorite is the Bully Hill Winery.
    I know they serve food in their restaurant in the summer but I don't know if they serve food in the Winter.
    The restaurant,when open,has some of the finest food served at any winery imo.
    This winery is in Hammondsport.
    We also buy their wines which we like very much.
    Best to call wineries or ask ifthe wineries are open this time of year for tastings and sales.
    Knapp Winery can be fun also.
    The place is nice but we don't care much for their wines.
    Ther folks at the Mirabeau desk should be able to help you with this.
    Have a nice trip!

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      I like Bluewater Grille and the food at Sherwood is good too- either the pub or the fancier restaurant. There is a pastry place behind the Sherwood Inn that is good, I cannot remember the name. Have fun!

      1. re: bevoray

        Could someone tell me how Skaneateles is pronounced?


        1. re: MacTAC


          (some say skinny-atlas but that's wrong.)

          As for eating, I would recommend the pub at the Sherwood and Doug's. The fancier restaurant at the Sherwood is a little too Williamsburg Inn for my taste.

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            Thanks for that...

        2. re: bevoray

          I like the Bluewater Grill. On a nice day, the location is terrific, where you are virtually sitting on the lake, with a great view.

          1. re: Fred19

            That's funny, I always used to say "ska-natalies" because that's how the TV news people out of Schenectady referred to it.

            1. re: MsDiPesto

              Breandstarlet is right on the money with the pronunciation.
              Some people say Avon(as in aye-von);some Avon(as in the ..ave in Have-on)
              Charlotte is sometimes pronounced Shar-let;other times it's pronounced Shar-Lot.
              We could do this for days;the funny part is when you get it wrong in front of the locals who get a big chuckle out of the "tourist" (LOL).
              Chuckling Catnip

              1. re: catnip

                Thanks. One of my mother's dearest friends is from the region, and whenever someone would say "skinny-atlas" she would correct them.

                Here in Michigan, Milan is pronounced "my-lan" and Saline is pronounced "sah-leen." We're not sure why.

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          Thank you so much; I appreciate the time you took to compile all this information.

          1. re: PaulaK

            Have agreat trip and when you get back let us know where you've eaten and your impressions of the places for all of us to share.

            1. re: catnip

              The name Skaneateles is derived from a term used by the native Americans who lived by the lake.

              Most likely both "Skan-knee-atlas" and "Skinny-atlas" are inaccurate pronounciations of the original term.

              For what it is worth, I grew up a few miles from the village line, and have always heard it pronounced "Skinny-atlas".

              As for food, all recommendations have been spot on.

              Some find Doug's rather greasy.