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Mar 19, 2007 09:43 AM

Providence Butcher Shops

Who sells the best meat in the Providence area? Opinions? I live in Olneyville but I'm willing to travel elsewhere to find the goods.

Howabout Kosher butchers? Halal?

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  1. I thikn Eastside Marketplace has kosher butcher one or two days a week. Their meat isn't bad, but nothing extraordinary.

    I have been wanting to explore a little more because Whole Foods and EAstside Market have decent meats at expensive prices. I checked out the butcher shop on Elmgrove avenue on the east side and its actually not really a butcher and its expensive. There is Michael's Boulevard Meats in Pawtucket, which I have yet to check out. It looks promising. The restaurant Barnsider's Mile & A Quarter is supposed to have an on-premise butcher shop, but I ave never been and I know nothing about it. There is also this mysterious place on Gano Street in Fox Point that says meat market but it looks rundown and sort of sketchy. Never been to this place either.

    Let me know if you try any of these places out and I will do the same.

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      I think Sambossanova is thinking of the Central Meat Market at 113 Gano. While the outside is rundown, it's actually a good market. Not top-of-the-line meats, but a great place to go for everyday meats. They have several good "package" deals where you buy a selection of meat (so much chicken, so much ground beef, etc.) for really good prices. I live in Bristol so am obligated to throw a Fourth of July party each year. We get one of the package deals on meat and are always really satisfied with the quality and the price. The steaks are especially good!

      They also have a nice selection of Latin American and Brazillian products -- spices, sauces and the like. We get our Tapatio there!

    2. The name escapes me at the moment but there is a butcher that deals only with live birds and game on fed hill. I'm kicking myself right now for forgetting the name but they have great squab and cornish hens.

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        Very good call, though not kosher, and not what I imagine when I think "butcher"-----best poultry, though. My aunts used to make this incredible chicken soup using a chicken from there w/the eggs still in it. We kids would fight over the eggs (which would be floating around in the soup, w/o shell of course).

      2. Ryan's Market in Wickford is terrific. Very high quality meat and they will slice anything to order.

        1. Carcieri's Market on Charles street has better meat than the big supermarkets, a lot less $ than WF. Don't know about Kosher or Halal, or if it is the "best," but worth a detour.
          They do not carry a lot of fish but whatever they have each day is an excellent deal.