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Mar 19, 2007 09:37 AM

Anyone tried the Stillman's Farm meat CSA?

Stillman's recently (as of this winter) instituted a meat CSA, with membership offered in 2 6 month cycles; for a half-share (10#/month), the cost is $450, or $7.50/# for all-natural chicken, beef, pork, and lamb.



I'm considering signing up for the next cycle, beginning in May.

Anybody out there a member or thinking about it?
I know they've also been known to sell their meats at their CSA/Farmer's Market location in JP, but I haven't tried it myself.

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  1. I bought lamb from them at the Coolidge Corner farmer's market a couple of times last summer, and it was excellent. We've been veg/fruit CSA members with Stillman's for six years now and looking forward very happily to a seventh season, but we missed the start of this winter's meat CSA because we were broke. For some reason I thought the next meat cycle was starting in June - will have to hop to it making a decision if it's May! I do worry a little about finding uses for whatever we get, or getting things in small portions that aren't actually useful, so I too would be very interested to hear if anyone here has done this!

    1. I am a member of the meat CSA. So far, I can report that my experiences have been wonderful and I would highly encourage others to sign up. I have a half share. I picked up my second distribution yesterday.

      In the first month, we got a whole absolutely fabulous chicken (probably a 10 lb chicken), as well as some amazing pork chops and other assorted meets (including lovely bacon). This month the lamb started, so we have received lamb shanks, lamb chops, some spare ribs, a smoke ham slice, some assorted ground meets, and a few other little things. It all looks really fun. I think of it as a challenge of how to cook each kind of meat each month.

      The meats all come wrapped by meet selection and frozen. It is enough meat for my husband and I over a month, although we eat out a lot.

      I was worried it would not be good value, but I really think it is. Plus, you can really taste the difference.

      Send me a note if you want more specifics.

      1. How about Chestnut Farms, has anyone tried them? I wonder how similar they are, besides the pick up location (which is pretty key).

        1. Hi! My husband and I have a half-share (10 lbs per month) and we couldn't be happier. Every single meat is better than the other. They put out a cute newsletter every month too. The cuts of meat are so great: here's an example of what we got this month -

          1 7lb chicken (enormous! great for a big dinner for 4 and then 3 nights leftovers for 2, plus broth)
          2 steaks - I forget the cut but it was a nice one
          4 lamb pieces - probably just a dinner for two
          1 lb ground lamb
          1 lb ground pork
          2 lb of ham steak - so delicious! (there's lots of fat on this so it's really only a dinner for two)

          When there's a chicken we seem to get more than the 10 lbs. We are eating so well. Getting surprises each month makes it fun to cook. And the bacon is unbelievable. You can really taste the difference, even in the ground meat.

          I could go on and on. And, Aiden and Kate are super people.