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What is the best maple/ applewood cured bacon?

and where to get it?

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  1. Here are two from Vermont:


    Both are excellent and are cob smoked (I think Harrington uses maple wood also).

    1. Nodine's Somkehouse in Litchfield, CT. has has the best bacon I've ever eaten. You can order it or buy it there. Many varieties including nitrite free.


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        A second on Nodines.
        We like the sausages and jerky too.
        They make sandwiches there as well.
        I always get the BLT.

      2. North Country Smokehouse in Claremont, NH makes a great applewood smoked bacon. They ship: http://ncsmokehouse.com/

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          I second the rec for North Country Smokehouse. I buy it at the Butcher Boy in North Andover, MA.

        2. Both Dakin Farm and Harrington's sell end pieces and scraps of their bacon at a considerable savings. We find the end piece product to be leaner than the regular slices although of course not as "pretty". If you visit the Dakin factory stores they also have samples of a lot of their products to try, mostly cheeses, sausages, and spreads.

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            The abovementioned North Country Smokehouse also sells end pieces and scraps (I buy mine at the Co-op in Lebanon, NH). I usually have around a pound of random cob-smoked chunks in the freezer I use for soups.

            1. I agree with the poster who said that Nodine's in Goshen,Ct. is outstanding.
              Another place that has really really good bacon is Henry's in Bennington as long as you go there to get the bacon.
              They never answer emails and they usually lose orders;I've never seen this kind of sloppy in a business before but the bacon is very good.
              They also have a excellent smoked cheese and smoked kielbasa.
              I I were you I'd stick with Nodine's.
              Nodine's also has many other great smoked meats including their cranberry sausage which we really like.

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                I second Henry's in Bennington. The bacon is outstanding.

                I'm not sure about their customer service for orders and emails, but they are super, super nice at the store.

              2. I know this will sound rather pedestrian for this board but Carando Apple Smoked is a great product for a supermarket brand at a fraction of the price of the other brands mentioned. It has less shrink than most other commercial brands with all cooking methods and a fine, non chemical taste that makes it ideal for a variety of recipes. I use it a lot for scallops wrapped in bacon (par cook it first, however, about halfway) and flavor with a good maple syrup before the oven.

                1. harringtons, nodines and dakins are good, dont get me wrong but who wants to pay so much for bacon. whole pigs sell for less than 1.00 a lb.?? work on a farm and cook, makes one realize how people do not know the value of food. noacks german mkt. in meridan ct has great bacon and cheap3.99, smoked right there. if you know polish come to new britain CT to the polish meat markets on broad street. unknown to most, but NB has a little poland. also for good bacon go to a farmers mkt in lancaster pa. buy bacon ends for 2.99 and most bacon is 4.00 a lb.. s clyde weavers, new holland meats, and stolztfus's to name a few.

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                    I have use Dakin, Harrington and North Country Smokehouse. North Country Smokehouse for commercial applications. I found that North Country Smokehouse to eat the best. It is very meaty and the smoke is just right. Also try North Countrys peppercorn bacon, it makes the best BLT's ever

                  2. The best applewood bacon I've ever tasted came from Nueske's.