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Mar 19, 2007 09:32 AM

What is the best maple/ applewood cured bacon?

and where to get it?

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  1. Here are two from Vermont:

    Both are excellent and are cob smoked (I think Harrington uses maple wood also).

    1. Nodine's Somkehouse in Litchfield, CT. has has the best bacon I've ever eaten. You can order it or buy it there. Many varieties including nitrite free.

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      1. re: joaniebaby

        A second on Nodines.
        We like the sausages and jerky too.
        They make sandwiches there as well.
        I always get the BLT.

      2. North Country Smokehouse in Claremont, NH makes a great applewood smoked bacon. They ship:

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        1. re: Putney

          I second the rec for North Country Smokehouse. I buy it at the Butcher Boy in North Andover, MA.

        2. Both Dakin Farm and Harrington's sell end pieces and scraps of their bacon at a considerable savings. We find the end piece product to be leaner than the regular slices although of course not as "pretty". If you visit the Dakin factory stores they also have samples of a lot of their products to try, mostly cheeses, sausages, and spreads.

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          1. re: Injun Joe

            The abovementioned North Country Smokehouse also sells end pieces and scraps (I buy mine at the Co-op in Lebanon, NH). I usually have around a pound of random cob-smoked chunks in the freezer I use for soups.