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Mar 19, 2007 09:31 AM

SNOB for lunch

Going down for Spoleto in June and had some places on my list to try. I've made reservations at McCrady's for dinner and reservations at Tristan's for brunch. I've heard alot about SNOB on chow and wanted to try it for lunch. Is the atmosphere nice and is food at lunch just as good? Also, any ideas for breakfast places (we're staying in historic district so walking distance would be preferable) and any other recs for lunch and does FIG serve lunch? Thanks in advance!

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  1. It has been awhile since I have been to SNOB for lunch, but I do know it is nice, think business lunches. I also know the lunch and dinner menus share a lot of the same items. I don't believe FIG is open for lunch. As for breakfast places, are you thinking brunch or will you be here during the week? So far I have thought of, Sweetwater Cafe on Market St. between King and Meeting - diner with pretty decent food, Fast & French on Broad St. - french press coffee with croissant, and just north of Marion Square Park on King something opened up within the past couple of weeks where Bookstore Cafe used to be and I think the name is Uptown Diner? I will look into that for you, and hopefully come up with a little more. For lunch I don't think you could go wrong with either Sermet's Corner or Cru Cafe, and if the weather is cooperating you can sit outside on the porch at Cru.

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      Thanks for all the great suggestions. For breakfast I was thinking along early morning/light/week breakfast (i.e. granola, yogurt, croissant, etc.) I've heard of Fast & French and want to try it plus their prices look good. Are the croissants really good? I lived in Europe and got used to them there so I tend shy away from them most places lest I be dissapointed. Are McCrady's and Tristan's both good choices?

    2. I have no idea about Fast & French's croissants, I have never made it there for breakfast and I have never been to Europe. If you go you will have to tell me. :-) I will vouch for their coffee, french press made to order and I think it is a bottomless cup. By the way, it is Uptown Diner and it is at 412 King and they do serve breakfast, but that could be a hike from your hotel especially for a light breakfast. I think McCrady's and Tristan are both fine choices, I doubt you will be disappointed with either. I am dying to go to Tristan's for brunch so I would love to have a full report after you go.

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        I'll make sure to give you one and hopefully post some pictures!

      2. Fig doesn't do lunch. SNOB is a good choice, though, as might be expected, the menu selection at lunch isn't as varied as at dinner. Diana's and Joseph's are good breakfast spots. I especially like Joseph's sweet potato pancakes and filet benedict. They also do fresh beignets.

        At McCrady's, I would recommend trying the tasting menu as the real draw there is the cutting edge experimentation going on in the kitchen. Execution sometimes falls a bit short, but regardless, the tasting menu still blew me away. If you like she crab soup, don't miss Tristan's version. It's one of the best in town. Their crepes are great, too. Unfortunately, they don't serve their smoked lamb ribs with chocolate BBQ sauce at brunch, but it's one of my favorite apps in Chucktown. I can't remember what desserts they offer at brunch, but if they feature their ancho chocolate torte with Mexcian hot chocolate ice cream, don't miss it.

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          Just back from lunch at SNOB, wonderful as always. Had charcuterie plate, with silky duck liver mousse, rillets, a dense country terrine and home smoked ham, excellent -- arugula on side was perfect. Very large and rich serving, so I'm glad I passed on the shrimp and grits, which I really really like here. Lunch guests had special of the day, roasted pork loin (3 tender moist large slices) with gravy made from good stock, excellent mashed (non-garlic) potatoes and very well executed plain sauteed (almost stir fried) okra pods on the side; grilled portobella mushroom layered sandwich with fontina, pesto, ripe (yes!) tomato, red onion and zucchini with slaw on the tart rather than cloying side. Cups of corned beef and cabbage soup to start -- deep flavor, pink meat, potatoes with a bit of bite.Casual attire, lots of locals here, attentive pleasant service, and lunch with two glasses of very good house Merlot, sweet tea, tax and tip came to $60 for three. Not bad. And I think the food is just as good for lunch as for dinner, but obviously a smaller menu. Don't forget that SNOB really isn't very large, so if it's during Spoleto, you may want to make a reservation for lunch to avoid a wait. This place is civilized!

          I also like Joseph's for lunch -- had a marvelous shrimp po' boy last time out. Never tried their breakfast, but always enjoy this small restaurant.

        2. Try Joseph's on Meeting street for breakfast, really great!

          1. Barbadoes Room at the Mills House is open for breakfast. I wasn't thrilled with their breakfast shrimp & grits (I love the dinner version), but I like the genteel, old world room. I don't know if SNOB serves the grilled tuna with fried oysters, country ham & mustard bbq at lunch, but that dish is amazing.