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Mar 19, 2007 09:29 AM

Tuscan Grill or La Campania?

Trying to decide between these two for a special birthday dinner. We're both fish-eating vegetarians. Any recs? Thanks!

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  1. I think it's a matter of how much you want to spend. The latter is pretty expensive.

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      I definately prefer La Campania and think of Tuscan Grill being weak on seafood. A companion once had a pretty good vegetarian tasting (not part of the normal menu) at Tuscan Grill, but that was when local produce was in season. La Campania has the salt crusted bronzini right now, as well as several seafood-oriented appetizers and pastas. La Campania has excellent wine service with probably the more pricey list. As Joanie indicates, though, Tuscan might be a better bang for the buck but I would say that more for meat oriented dishes.

      You might be able to eat for slightly less in the bar at Campania where there have pizzas too, but they welcome sharing in the dining room too.

    2. If it's special, I'd choose La Campania. The noise level last time I was at Tuscan Grill on a weeknight (caveat - this was several years ago) was definitely a LOT louder than that at La Campania.

      (Edited to correct when I was there - weeknight, not weekend - would think weekend would be even louder!)

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        While I've had stellar meals at both restaurants (TG a year+ ago and LC a mere month ago), I would also recommend La Campania. The combo of the food, ambience, and wine selection means you just can't go wrong!

      2. The food at La Campania is much much better, and much more expensive. But if it's a special birthday dinner go for La Campania. It's great. I wish I could eat there all the time

        1. I had dinner at Tuscan Grill last Wednesday and it was very delicious. The last time I was there it was so so but last week was wonderful. I had the mahi mahi special and it was beautifully cooked served on top of a lacy thin potato pancake . There was also a grilled shrimp, scallop and some vegetables. I was pleasently surprised at how delicious it was. My dining companion has the stuffed calamari as an appetizer which was so good I wished I had ordered it too. For an entree he had the seafood rissotto which he loved. We didn't stay for dessert. Another nice restaurant in Waltham is Il Capriccio. The portions are rather small but perfectly made. They have this lemon mousse on their dessert menu that is a total mind blower. It has candied lemon peel on top with lemon nut biscotti on the side. Enjoy!