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Mar 19, 2007 09:20 AM

Las Vegas Casual Business Dinner-HELP!!

I will be in Vegas in June for a conference and my boss is hosting a dinner. He owuld like to find a place where they could "gather" in the bar/lounge area for approx. 45 mins then move to the dining area. Having a private room is preferred because it's more of an "intimate" experience and appears impressive to our guests that we arranged it.

There will be about 15-20 guests, hoping to keep it to $40 per person (apps, dinner & dessert). He would prefer to prearrange a set menue, allowing our guests a choice of 3 or 4 selections, per course.

Does anyone have any suggesions where they have hosted such an event before? Any help is grealty appreciated!

C. Cervone

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  1. I called the Wynn, as I had room rates I wanted to inquire about and thought I'd be helpful for you as well. Daniel Boulud might work, they do a 3 course prix fixe menu from 5-7 nightly for $48. Ap, dinner and dessert! Give the restaurant a call after 4 West time at 702-770-3310, that is the direct number. The lady answering the Wynn's general restaurant reservations phone said they have a private room that a group your size can use, she just wasn't sure if you could use it for a group with the prix fixe menu. I can't imagine why not, though, it's pretty standard M.O.-this lady probably doesn't know the restaurant's policies, etc.

    Probably the best food and ambience you'll get at that price, certainly the best if you're trying to impress but not spend a fortune.

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    1. re: elrushbo're a genuis! Thank you so incredibly much.

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        please do us all a favor, report back to let us know if it worked out...i was hoping to have a little gathering later this year for a group of similar size....thanks !!

    2. Just a little caveat emptor on this from someone who use to work in private dining: A lot of restaurants will set a "minimum" for using a private dining facility. I would inquire about that before booking and being put on the hot seat at a later time.

      1. FYI...I did call the Wynn and they're private dining is costing approximately $4000 minimum for food and beverage; which isn't too bad for the facilities they would be providing. If we decide to go with it, I'll let you all know.

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          Just had my Dad's 80th birthday party at Del Frisco's in Las Vegas. Excellent service, private room, they let us order off the menu but also offered to give us 2 or 3 choices. No minimum charge for our room, which was right off the main dining room. The steaks were fantastic. I think you might be able to get by on $40 per person, but it's probably gonna be a bit difficult. Certainly less than $4000. We got out with wine for about $1500 (including tip) for 18 people.

        2. Satay Malaysian Grill, which is not far from the Strip (down the street from Fashion Show Mall) has a really nice private room, with flat screens on the wall and internet access, and really comfortable chairs. It's got glass walls, so you could see into the dining area without being heard, and I'm pretty sure they could work on the menu with you, within your desired price range. They're off strip, so the prices will be much more reasonable. They have a pretty good selection of Asian food, nothing too exotic, and I've taken some fussy eaters there before, with great results.