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Mar 19, 2007 09:04 AM

Trip to NCAA Tournament in St. Louis


My mom and I are going to be in St. Louis Friday-Monday for the NCAA basketball games. We're looking for a few suggestions in the downtown/Edward Jones Dome area.

I was hoping to find one nice restaurant and one bar/pub with good food (for watching the other basketball games on Saturday).

Any suggestions? Price range is very flexible, but we're looking for great food and not too stuffy of an atmosphere.


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  1. For a nice restaurant in the Dome area, try An American Place. This restaurant is in a remarkable room in the Renaissance Hotel, across from the dome. For watching sports on TV, I would go to Bernie Federko's Steak and Sports Bar - they took over the spot called Jacques in the Sheraton City Center. I haven't been to Federko's, but I assume they still have the abundance of television screens that Jacques had. Federko's is at the Civic Center subway stop.

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    1. You should find plenty of options on Washington Ave. An American Place is fantastic, but quite expensive. I've heard good things about Rooster (crepe place), Dubliner (Irish pub), and Papa Fabarre's (in the downtown Macy's), to name a few.

      1. Tony's has long been considered one of, if not the, best restaurants in St. Louis. It is downtown on Broadway, though it is on the other side of the Arch from the Dome. Italian-Continental food and excellent gracious service. Not cutting edge, but consistently fine.

        The same owners also run a bar in an adjacent location known for excellent burgers and bar food.

        Be sure to get to Ted Drewe's for their wonderful frozen custard. Get a "concrete," a shake so thick you can hold the cup upside down. About 15 mins from the riverfront to the southwest, on old Highway 66.

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          Based upon your request for "not stuffy," I wouldn't think Tony's would be the place to go. It's quite expensive, with excellent food, but jackets are required, and the service is exceedingly attentive. Doug's suggestions seem like good bets.

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            Stick to the Washington Boulevard route. People may try to talk you into going to Lacelde's Landing, don't bother, it is strictly amateur night, although St. Louis Fish Market is excellent in the Landing. Also understand that the area is dotted with tourist traps, so you WILL pay more for less. The idea there was to milk the convention dollars out of the out of towners on expense accounts since the convention center is right there too.

            Tony's is way stuffy. Most of the places downtown is pretty touristy. For something quick, the Market cafe in the Adam's Mark does a great and tasty job. Better than Calico's.

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              Hi Phaedrus,
              I like your sensible suggestion indicating you're my type when it comes to food- just the facts and the quality of the food, no hype, no pampering and spending $$ on BS like decor. I am from L.A. California will be staying in Crown plaza Downtown. Got any suggestions - is local specialty and can be reached within Metro? Ted Drewe and candy store are high on the list for me to explore. Great burgers and rib or steaks are OK.


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                Ted Drewe's may not be reachable by Metrolink, I don't think Crown Candy is either. BUT, you have to find a way there. Crown Candy is preferable during the day, for a late lunch as the lunch crowd is very very large. Ted Drewe's Jamieson location is preferable.

                Closest to that area of town is the Tap Room on Locust, close to downtown. It belongs to Schlafly, the second largest brewery in St. Louis. Its mostly bar food, but it is quite good and their Sticky Toffee Pudding is to die for.

                The most famous local specialty is italian food on the Hill. I am not such a big fan of the Hill. But there places that are good.

                Missouri Baking Company has excellent Italian pastries and try to see if they have gooey buttercake, its heart attack in a pan, but what a way to go. Gian-Tony's is my go to place on the Hill. Cunneto's is the famous spot, but is the old pasta and red sauce place, people love it because they give you lots of it. And no matter what they say, stay away from Rigazzi's.

                Great steaks are further out. The best steak place IMHO is in Kirkwood. Citizen Kane's. Incredible.

                My favorite Q place is Lampert's Plush Pig BBQ in downtown Clayton. You should be able to get to it on Metrolink, just take the train to Clayton, go north two blocks to Forsyth, turn right at World News and it should be on your right.. The guy who owns it is a mensch who loves what he does.

                Good places on the Metrolink train lines are Central West End. Again, a lot of trendy spots, but there are a few really good places: Chez Leon for classic french bistro, but you will have had better coming from LA. The Majestic for American Diner greasy spoon, and since its owned by Greeks, some pretty good greek foods. Delmonico's is way north along Euclid. Soul food, fried chicken, collard greens, etc.

                1. re: Phaedrus

                  Aahh, you hit the spot man, by mentioning the puddings, good old fashioned butter milk dipped fried chicken. No Italian, as I make good pasta (red or white sauce) than most of the restaurants I visted. Yes, I heard so much about Citizen Kane's and another place serving killer prime rib. How far is Clayton from STL?

                  1. re: Phaedrus

                    Your profile lists Michael's on Manchester in STL as one of your favorite. What do you recommend from there? Smelly Tofu??!, I got one authentic place for you, the next time you come to LA, which is by far the authentic ethnic food capital of the US if not the world. You will find excellent Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Iranian and Chinese food.

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                      Clayton is a suburb, its about 15-20 minutes by car.

                      Michael's is yet another Greek owned place. If you go, ask for Gus, he is the manager. Don't laugh at the bad toupee and you will get along great. They have outrageous buffalo wings. But for Greek food, their lamb shank is unbelievable. Their tiramosalata is great. The lamb chops are excellent if a little pricey for a bar and grill.

                      The prime rib place is Kreis' steak house on Lindbergh. That is not on the Metro line. They serve their prime ribs bone in, and you know how big beef rib bones are, that is how big the prime rib is, but it isn't just the size, they really know what they are doing.

                      I will definitely pick your brains when I come out. In fact I have an urge to come out now.

                      1. re: Phaedrus

                        Yeh, before you come out to the west coast, prepare a listing of the type of food you want to sample and I'll tell you which restaurant to go for the best dish. By the way, the places being recommended to you are very reasonably priced but high in authenticity or quality. Won't break your wallet.

                    2. re: Phaedrus

                      My last meal in town is going to be Lampert's plush pig BBQ in Clayton. What kind of sides along with cut of meats being recommended?

            2. Make sure you check out Mosaic on Washingotn Ave. It's right next to the Dome...its upscale tapas.

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                Thank you everyone! Looking forward to the trip!

                - Megan

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                  Everest Cafe on 1800 block of Washington would be a tasty and interesting lunch.

              2. I highly recommend Mosaic and Red Moon for your nice, not at all stuffy dinners. Try the Sidebar for your sports bar. I really, really don't like the food at Flannery's and avoid eating there. You also may like Tenth St. Italian on Tenth Street, as well as Sen (thai) which is right off of Washington Ave. The Dubliner is next to Mosaic and usually has live (Irish) bands on the weekends. I'm sure that the area will be hopping this weekend. Have a great time.