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Mar 19, 2007 09:01 AM

Date with the wife

I need some opinions. I am taking my wife out on a date. Long past due but with two very little kids, hard to really get away for a nice and romantic dinner. Well Friday night is the night and I am looking for a really nice place to take her. She likes all kids of foods and so do I. I am looking for some place with great food and a nice atmosphere were we can just talk and well be romantic.

I would like to go to something that is not Asian, since that is basically old stand by when we do go out with the munchkins. Thinking about Providence, Spago, or even Ursawa (she has always wanted to go back- I know it is ASIAN).

Location is not really an issue (Have car will travel)....but do remember it is a Friday night and I would hate to be stuck in traffic for hours. I like in the San Gabriel Valley area if anyone is interested.

Any suggestions based on recent visits?


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    1. Haven't been but Babita in San Gabriel seems to be immensely popular on this board.

      Personally didn't find Providence super-romantic.

      For West Hollywood choices --

      Little Door -- not uber-foody-food but good, fresh ingredients well cooked, and the large, goregously lit and laid out Euro-Morrocan front patio might be the most romantic atmosphere in LA.

      For more overtly foody-choice -- Grace.

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        My husband and I went to Little Door about a month ago under similar circumstances - to have a lingering romantic dinner in the pre-kid spirit on a date night friday. Depends on what you're looking for, but we found the food and service lacking, with the atmosphere visually pleasing, but crowded and loud. We were not on the patio, which looked quite pretty, but diners (and their conversations) were shoulder-to-shoulder. We will not return. I wrote a little more about our experience here:

      2. I just wrote about Babita -- see my review ESP if you live in the area! Here's the thing about Babita, I thought it was cute and romantic -- but we don't have kids and are fortunate enough to go a lot to sorta trendy restaurants. Now if I had kids, and it's my one night out a year, I might want to splurge and go to Grace (love this restaurant, pricy -- dinner for two with the works will run you about $250)... or Jiraffe (in SM -- do a search -- you can easily go to the promenade for a movie afterwards, great location). If your wife loves seafood, Providence is suppose to be great but we haven't gone since I'd want more options.

        Just read that you're going on a Friday -- yikes! I'd stick to Pasadena, downtown restaurants or Silverlake/Los Feliz. SL's best restaurants are Blair's, vermont (which is sorta romantic) and Cliff's Edge (the setting is really romantic but it's also very trendy -- the food is not as good as the others, but solid. It's about the setting, do a search).

        1. I think one of the most romantic settings, especially now that nighttime weather is turning nice, is creek-side at Inn of the 7th Ray. Prolly too good of a place to take a wife, but then again, I'm not married (no wonder, huh?) :)

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            Too GOOD to take your wife to? Who do you take? Your mistress? =P

              1. re: mstinawu

                If she's not my mistress .... yet! :)

            1. I had a great romantic dinner at Via Veneto recently. Small, bustling, candle-lit Italian restaurant in Venice. The food is fantastic, and while the service has gotten mixed reviews, I found everyone to be wonderful, nice and very accomodating, actually some of the best service I've ever experienced. And did I mention the food was AMAZING? Just make sure you have a reservation.

              Geoffrey's in Malibu is also very romantic. The food is good enough, but the view is spectacular. Although, if it stays as overcast as it has been, don't go here since there won't be much of a view.

              If you like steak, Arnie Morton's downtown is phenomenal.

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              1. re: LisaStitch

                Some suggestions:

                Maison Akira in Pasadena - it's more French/Asian than just Asian. Nice atmosphere, and quiet.

                Bistro K in Pasadena - fantastic food, no corkage (bring your own since they don't have wine or liquor). But make reservations immediately, they book up quickly.

                Shiro in South Pasadena - similar food to Maison Akira.

                The dining room at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in West Hollywood is romantic, and the food is good. Fantastic service and wine list.

                Blue Velvet in downtown LA is one of my new faves. Beautiful atmosphere and food.

                The dining room at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena is one I've heard a lot of good things about but haven't been yet.

                Opus, in mid-WIlshire area is always a hit (IMHO).

                Good luck!
                Clare K.

                1. re: Clare K

                  I'm going to second the Blue Velvet recommendation. Very nice atmoshphere and views of the city. The food is very good and inventive. Can't wait to go back myself.