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Mar 19, 2007 08:57 AM

Best tasting menu

who has the best tasting menu for the $.
I want to send my parents to a restaurant to experience something different and diverse.
Not too fussy or rich with good accompanying wines by the glass.
I would appreciate all input from the hounds

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I certainly appreciate the idea but I need to expand on the proposition:
      I would like fine dining for a couple who have been all around the world and tasted just about everything. They are also in their 80's ( but you wouldn't know by looking at them!) So eventhough I probably would take them to have fajitas for lunch or something casual outing for this time I want something more refined. My mother will celebrate her 82nd birthday and I want something memorable.

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        You must send them to Decca77 - they can have the prix fixe for $35 with wines I think it is $50. If you call ahead and explain the situation, they will probably come up with something really nice. It really is perfect for what you seem to be requesting.

        Read the review in the Le Devoir that appeared last Friday:

        1. re: swissfoodie

          Thanks! thay may just be the ticket
          I appreciate your help in this

        2. re: mcbinfla

          I think or hope celfie was pulling your leg. (If he was serious, he deserves to be condemned to a month of eating nowhere but Tres Amigos.)

          The tasting menu with wine format is less popular than it once was. The following restos still offer it (too bad that Anise and Les Chèvres have closed, as they would have been my top reccos):
          La Chronique
          Toqué !

          Brunoise now offers a tasting menu and Cocagne has a five-course menu that comes close to being one. As far as I know, neither comes with wine pairings, though Brunoise sells some of its wines in 250-ml increments and Cocagne has a fair selection of wines by the glass.

        3. I had an excellent tasting dinner at Club Chasse et Pêche a few weeks ago. They don't really have one, but we asked for it and they were more than pleased to put something together for us­. The sommelier also did a great job with the wines.

          1. Go to AREA---nice atmosphere, interesting food, great service, can't go wrong. 7 service with 3 glasses of wine $100 per person--can't go wrong.