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Mar 19, 2007 08:54 AM

SF Downtown Choice

One chance at dinner in SF for a Boston Chowhound this week.
And, very early!

5:30 -- Postria or Kuleto's? Or someplace else?

I will be at Union Square (car parked at the Grand Hyatt on Stockton)

Does the ungodly hour make one place or another less comfortable?

I have been to Kuleto's three times before and know that I love it. But I am feeling a bit adventurous.

Thanks for any ideas this group can muster up.

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  1. kuleto's has definitely seen better days. if you like seafood and want to splurge a little, Farallon is a treat and the interior is beautiful. there's also the Grand Cafe in the Hotel Monaco as well. they serve some wonderful French bistro fare.