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Mar 19, 2007 08:47 AM

Rehearsal Dinner near Baltimore

Can anyone suggest a restaurant for a rehearsal dinner for 20 people on a Friday night in August? Moderately priced - $20-$30 per entree; preferably seafood; within a 20-30 minute drive from Towson. Thanks.

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  1. Mia Carolina.....fairly new Italian restaurant in Glyndon has a private room that would be perfect and definitely within your budget.

    1. Can you narrow your request?

      1. This might be a bit out of your range, but consider Abacrombie. Their food is divine, and it's classy and tasteful enough for a rehearsal dinner. I believe you can rent the place (or back room) out.

        It's in Mt. Vernon, right off 83/Mt. Royal or Calvert Street exit. That's about 20 min from Towson.

        1. DuClaw in Fell's Point has a great private room and it is around that price range. I had my rehearsal dinner there. The service, food and microbrews were all great. They have some great seafood options. They also have a beer and cheese soup that is not on their regular menu, it is the best I've had. There are also DuClaws in Bowie, Arundel Mills and Bel-Air. The Bel Air location is closed for now due to a fire, but should reopen in the near future.