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Mar 19, 2007 08:41 AM

Sushi Niji, Dobbs Ferry

I've been meaning for a while now to report on this delightful restaurant on Main Street in Dobbs Ferry. It's our regular sushi stop, and we find the sushi to be consistently fresh and well-prepared. My absolute favorite is the appetizer Yellowtail Salano, which is a delicious knock-off of the Nobu style yellowtail with jalapenos, six nice slices of yellowtail in a yuzu sauce with jalapeno and cilantro. Their special rolls are yummy too (I like the one with spicy tuna and mango), and their spicy mayonnaise is one of the best renditions I've ever had...delciously different. If you let them know you're in the market for something unusual or special, they'll accommodate: I've had very good toro and uni. Just yesterday I stopped by for quick family lunch, and my standard sashimi lunch plate came with tuna, salmon, white tuna, snapper, and (a nice surprise) three delicate fresh raw sweet shrimps. My 8 year old daughter loves their bentos, which provide an astounding amount of food for the price: hers came with chicken teriyaki, a cucumber roll, gyoza, salad, rice, and soup.

Niji will always be my choice for sushi in Dobbs Ferry. It provides a serene experience and the staff is sweet and welcoming, in contrast to the crowded din of Sushi Mike's.

Sushi Niji
Sushi Niji
(914) 693-8838
71 Main St

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Can you compare the quality of the sushi vs Sushi Mikes?

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        To be honest, I haven't been to Mike's in a long time, because I like Niji so much. But based on memory: I think the cuts are a little more generous at Niji (some like that, some don't) but maybe not quite as refined, especially the sashimi. Mike's may have a tiny edge on the quality of its fish in nigiri and sashimi.

        1. re: sushinsuch

          Forgot to add, though: Niji wins on portion size, price, atmosphere, and service!

          1. re: sushinsuch

            I eat at both places. I like Sushi Mikes for their presentation, and attention to detail. Mike is friendly and inviting, the atmosphere is more like a weekend rivertown getaway vacation feeling, Niji is like the downtown, hometown sushi place, with Ultra friendly people and real village feeling. I love their Shrimp Temura Roll, and their Oysters are amazing! I like both places. You can't go wrong. If you travel here and you can't get into Suhi Mike's, then try won't be disappointed.

      2. I ate their on these recommendations on Friday night and was very pleased. I thought it was a pleasant dining room, fresh food, good portions and reasonably priced. My only complaint was that it was raining so we couldn't walk around Main Street. Next time we will!