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Mar 19, 2007 08:17 AM

Cost of Central

Hi All,

I just checked out Central's website but didn't see a sample menu or anything. I was wondering what the price is roughly for 2 people to dine there. Probably 2 appetizers, 2 main courses, 1 dessert and 2 glasses of wine?

I know it's expensive but I know it's also cheaper then how much money are we actually talking?

Also is there a pre fixe option.

My foodie boyfriend is moving out of town in a few weeks and we want to do 2 big (semi-blow out) meals before he leaves. I'm compiling a list to choose from and thought Central might be a nice option. Any other ideas? We've enjoyed Blue Duck Tavern, Bistro du Oc, 1789, Cashions, Palena...etc.


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  1. I would call Central moderate, not expensive. There are a lot of options, obviously, but for what you describe I would expect to pay around $150 or so, with tax and tip. That is about what you would pay at Blue Duck [which I do not recommend], Bistro D'oc [which I highly recommend], 1789, or Cashions. Palena would be at least double that (except for the no reservations cafe in front) and is the best of the restaurants you mentioned.

    For an expensive blowout, there is Cityzen, Citronelle, La Paradou, Komi, ...

    Mid-range between expensive and moderate, I recommend Equinox. For the moderate end, I always enjoy Bistrot Lepic.

    1. I went a few weeks ago with my boyfriend. We got the charchutire plate ($18), lobster burger ($28), short ribs (28) and orange souffle ($8). We also had a bottle of wine -- it was $40ish? It was more than enough food and wine for the two of us, and it came out right above $150. Note: those entrees were about the most expensive of the menu. I thought it was a great night, and would recommend it for a nice night out. It did not have a tasting menu, at least when we were there. The focus is more on American comfort type food than the french inspired food fo Citronelle. The menu included fried chicken, chicken pot pie, lamb shanks, etc.

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      1. re: DCLindsey

        A lobster burger!? That sounds incredible! I will def. consider based on that entree alone. :)

        1. re: Elyssa

          They sell the lobster burger at the Citronelle lounge, which offers food (and dessert !) from the Citronelle kitchen. I like it better than Central. The choices are more limited but you can get many of the Citronelle signature appetizers and desserts.

          1. re: Elyssa

            In fact, the lobster burger is NOT incredible. only Ok many other good choices at Central, including the tuna burger, short ribs, fried chicken, fish and chips, to name a few.

            1. re: Steve

              I do an excellent lobster crab burger in which raw lobster meat is ground like hamburger, seasoned, and that is the binder for lump crabmeat. Try it with a spicy mango buerre blanc.

              1. re: Steve

                Agree. The burger costs the equivalent of about 3 pounds of real lobster. Call me crazy, but for $28 I would expect a bit more at a "casual moderate place" than a little lobster and mayo, not matter how good.
                Warning: Any restaurant that doesn't show its menu on its website is either (1) super-great or (2) way overpriced. Can anybody direct me to Central's so I can at least eliminate (2)?

                1. re: foodcheck

                  Your assumption is totally false about restaurants that don't show their menus- sometimes the web isn't a restaurant's priority. I'd rather have my chef and staff working on my food than the web. Anyway's the menu isn't on the central site, but the site is here:

          2. Can you please give me the website address for Central? We may go there next weekend. I tried to have them fax a copy, but I am not having any luck. Thanks.

            Restaurant Eve in Old Town is a great place for dinner.

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                Thanks for the link. Take care, Brian

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                  I read someplace (maybe here on Chowhound?) about some Belgian beer Central has on draft that no other bar/restaurant in the US has. Is that right? What's it called?

                  1. re: kodiakbear

                    Not sure about Central- i know the Reef in Adams Morgan regularly ahs belgians on draft that no one else has- this past winter it was DeKonick Winter

                    1. re: kodiakbear

                      A beer you can't even get a Brickskeller?? Interesting!

                      1. re: Elyssa

                        There are a lot of places serving beers you can't get at Brickskeller in town- The Reef does it all the time, Bierria Paradiso does so, I believe even The Blue Room may have some bottles Brickskellar doesn't have. When their sister restaurant, RFD, starts cleaning their tap lines and gets some decent food I'll start to think about returning to that set of places to have a brew.

              2. Haven't been yet (but plan to in the next month or so). Anyways, you can check out the menu here: