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Mar 19, 2007 08:12 AM

Plumas county

Am going to spend a long weekend there. Have no idea about places to eat. Any suggestions? All kinds of food.

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  1. It's kind of a culinary wasteland, but I have a few suggestions:

    Grizzly Grill in Blairsden

    Longboards in Graeeagle.

    Peninsula Grill in the Chester/Lake Almanor area, but the price tag is high (entrees hover around the low thirties).

    1. We had a nice lunch last fall on the deck of a restaurant in Lake Almanor...but of course DH and I are blanking on the name. I think after looking at Google that its the Plumas Pines Resort (there was also a lodge there)....its on Lake Almanor West.

      Anyway, prices were reasonable, food was good although not fancy, and the view was great.

      Also, he suggests the Timberhouse Lodge in Chester, although I've never eaten there. He tends to like simple places with home-cooked food, so I imagine its like that. And he likes Carol's Cafe in Chester for breakfasts.

      (DH is up there on business a lot, so is more likely to be eating lunch or breakfast....)

      1. My in-laws live in Quincy, so we mostly eat at home. Every now and then. we'll sneak out and have breakfast at Morning Thunder. Great cinnamon rolls, decadent biscuit and gravy, very good mocha.

        Morning Thunder Cafe
        557 Lawrence St
        Quincy, CA
        (530) 283-1310

        1. If you are going this weekend, you may have limited choices since many of the best restaurants are still closed for the winter. I was at Longboards yesterday and they were still closed. I had a great meal there just before it closed last fall. I read in the PC News that the Peninsula Grill is open. I have only looked at the menu and wine list, which I thought was expensive for the area. Someone posted that they recently went to the St. Bernard, which is west of Chester. I used to go there regularly but it closed last fall and I couldn't find out if it was for the winter or permanently. The Grizzly Grill has excellent lamb shank, which I enjoyed often. However, last 4th of July my guests and I received such insulting treatment that I will never return. This is the only restaurant that has ever made that list. The Timberhouse Lodge is a shadow of its former self. The food is not bad but I found the menu simple and limited two months ago. In Quincy, Moons can be good or Café Au Cog (?) is interesting. In my opinion, Morning Thunder tries to be too cute and hip. I gave up when they dumped cold water on me, which was an accident I guess. I admit that I look like a red neck, heck, maybe I am. However, my favorite breakfast restaurant in the whole world (and I vacation travel quite a lot) is in East Quincy, the Coffee Express. They serve the best omelets I’ve had and great pancakes, but currently I have patty sausage and eggs with the garlic hot sauce at medium heat. Now that stays with you all day. I’m comparing this to Marsden’s in Pasadena, Pacific Café in San Pedro, Uncle Bill’s in Manhattan Beach , Mama’s in SF, etc. I ate last night at the Log Cabin in Portola where I miss Wolfgang who retired, so there’s no more German food. If you’re coming later this spring, there are many fine options in the Graeagle/Gold Lake area when they open for the summer.

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            Hey thanks a lot to all who replied. We are going the last weekend of March.

          2. Grizzly Grille is great, Village Baker for pastries and coffee in Blairsden is a must, I really like Coyote Cafe, too, for casual dining - their nachos are my all time favorite! BTW Longboards is closed in the winter, as are most of the establishments in the Graeagle/Blairsden area.