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Mar 19, 2007 07:50 AM

Back to venice

I'm going back up to venice for a few days, and I thought I remembered reading that there was a new place (back last year) in the Metropole that several people on the Italy board recommended. Anybody know the place that I am talking about? Been there is recently? I had also heard that somebody had opened up an interesting restuarant in the Bauer, although again this was last year or longer so maybe its no longer true.
Anybody had a chance to check out Al Gatto Nero in Burano?

I have all my favorites in Venice already, but was curious about some of these places that i'd heard about.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I didn't rate al gatto nero when last in Venice - it was expensive for what it was (not very good) and the staff could not be described as tourist friendly (even with my mostly passable italian). It came across as a successful restaurant because it is virtually the only one on Burano rather than because it was any good. Food was at best average.

        1. An earlier post

          The Met, Hotel Metropole, riva degli Schiavoni 4149 Castello, TEL. 041 42 05 044, closed MO. Reservations utterly essential; make them immediately upon arriving in Venice. The front desk of the hotel told me that the chef will only seat 40 people. Supper only. Opens 7.30p.

          I’ve eaten here Jan 2004, March 2006, and SU 14 Jan 2007 for supper after Solemn Vespers at San Marco. This place was certainly convenient for location, for I’ve stayed in the Metropole every time I’ve been to Venice. As a result of both my frequency in residence and my having so favorable reviewed this hotel, I’m something of a special guest – and the hotel’s front desk most likely remember me. Yet when I first dined here, and thus an unknown, I had fine service.

          Without exaggeration, only in Rome (Il Convivio and Agata e Romeo) and above Sorrento at Sant’Agata sui due golfi (Don Alfonso 1890) have I eaten better in Italy – at least for a “fine dining/gourmet” place -- though this observation my only show how inexperienced I really am. I’ve always had impeccable service at the Met, and last Jan. my waitress was a young woman from China who spoke fine English. The captain is a balding white haired portly man. Wine list is outstanding, and the chef will also suggest what goes best with the meal. Typical for such places, the food is an art work to behold. That it’s very expensive no one can doubt.

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            Thanks, based on all the input I've booked to eat there thursday night. I always used to stay at the metropole too, my home in venice.
            I'm also going to have to try the restuarant at the Bauer, as the chef is a friend of some chef aquaintences of mine here in Rome. I have read some good press about it so fingers crossed.
            BTW, I was so disappointed in my dinner at Don Alfonso last year. Must have gotten there on an off night.