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Mar 19, 2007 07:44 AM

best happy hour?

looking for best happy hour spots for cocktails and snacks. we're especially interested in places on the upper east side (e. 60s) or east midtown. but if others know awesome deals farther downtown (village, les) i'd love to hear about those, too! thanks.

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  1. this is really random, but Planet Hollywood and TGI Friday's in times square have really good happy hours (in terms of price...and ONLY price). I visited them a few times, but the ridiculous decor combined with the touristy patrons made it worth the extra few bucks to go elsewhere.

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      I HATE to say this place but in reference to Times Square because it was the worst dining experience of my life... - the Hawaiian Tropic Zone is half price for ladies from 5-7. Drinks are good though and if you are in the area for some unexplainable reason. As for the upper East Side, Maya does happy hour Sun through Mon at the bar area with 5 dollar wine and about the same for their margarita (usually run 10 a drink?) and 5 dollar appetizers until 7. Merchant's on 1st (and maybe 61st or 62nd) is half price drinks until 8 and also a pretty extensive and affortable and not that bad bar snack menu. These are far better than the restaurant itself. They also have a cigar bar downstairs.

      Asking for the best happy hour is tough - it depends on what you are truly looking for? Is it the atmosphere? The drinks? The likelihood of getting drinks without waiting forever?

    2. Pretty much every bar in East Midtown will have decent happy hours. I'll just say that as a poor midtowner, all 3-4 times I've been to a "quick" happy hour at an East 50's and 2nd Ave bar, I've left the bar in bad shape. $5 martinis (sometimes you can find $4 ones), and I'm sure they have cheaper well drinks. Off the top of my head, Opal, Turtle Bay, Redemption, etc are all clustered along 2nd Ave, if you don't mind the after-work, slightly douchey crowd.

      1. Verlaine on Rivington between Essex and Ludlow in the LES. $4 Lychee martinis, sangria and beer until 10pm every night.