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Mar 19, 2007 07:38 AM

Best Bargains in Rockland County?

Looking for restaurants in Rockland County where you'll get the most bang for you buck. Prix fixe lunches, byo, specials??

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  1. The lunch special at Turkois Grille on Saddle River Road in Airmont is something like 10.95 for three courses plus a soft drink. The quality is excellent--fresh and tasty salads, etc.--and the servings are generous. I generally end up taking at least half my entree for lunch the next day. (

    1. My favourite is the Vietnam Restaurant on New Hemstead Road, just outside of spring valley. Stellar food, terrific prices.

      1. The Mount Ivy Cafe off Exit 13 of the Palisades is a great family restaurant for lunch or dinner. Prices are reasonable,and the food and portions are great!

        1. I like the Hard Wok Buffet in New City on Rt. 304. For Chinese buffet, this one is clean, and consistantly good. Favorite picks; steamed shrimp dumplings, snow crab legs, salt and pepper shrimp, crabs with ginger, spare ribs and roast duck are usually all pretty good. Plus it's byob, which keeps down the cost. It may not be high quality, but as far as a bangs for your buck, it is worth the buck.

          1. One more option if you're looking for lunch or a quick casual dinner, rather than an full-scale evening out: Marigrill's in Nanuet. It's in a strip mall just behind (south of) the Nanuet Mall. The style of the place veers toward fast food, but the owner is a CIA-trained chef who delivers imaginative, healthful, and delicious salads, sandwiches, housemade desserts, etc., at prices that are amazingly low for the quality and quantity. Two specific recommendations: the grilled cheese with mushrooms and truffle oil, and the soy-and-ginger-glazed tilapia over greens. Good onion rings, too.

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              I'm working in Nanuet in a few days and would like to check this out, but I can't find anything with that name. Does anyone else have a different spelling, or an address?


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                Sorry, it's Marigrills, without the apostrophe. Here's their website:

                The address is 402 Nanuet Mall South.