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Mar 19, 2007 07:34 AM

Lunch for 10, reasonably priced, near North Station, Gov't Center, Beacon Hill etc.

I work in Charlestown and am in charge of finding a place to have lunch on Wednesday for 10 colleagues of mine. I was thinking a good price range would be approximately 15-18 dollar entrees (obviously setting aside more for drinks, apps, dessert etc.). It doesn't have to be "fancy" but it has to be "yummy." I don't care what kind of food (italian, indian, mexican, american etc.), as long as the food is great! I've found a few...Avila, Grotto, Bambara. Beacon Hill Bistro, Dante, Lala Rokh, Antico Forno. Anybody have anything to say about those, or can you offer any other suggestions?


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  1. I'd add Anthem to your already-excellent list.

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      I will second the Anthem reccomendation. I work nearby, and we often do company lunches there. Reasonably priced, a variety of lunch choices, and a nice atmosphere.

      Scollay Square is another place I would add to your list. Definitely right in your price range. Call ahead- the place is very popular during lunch hours.

    2. i'd be very surprised if you can get out of avila and dante for that price, even at lunch.

      i love lala rokh and will add their sister restaurant bin 26 enoteca to your list.

      troquet also does simple lunch well-priced. is that too far?

      1. You might try the Waterfront Cafe, which has gotten some good reviews - that's the North End. Also, what are your feelings about the Warren Tavern?

        Isn't there also a good lunch place in the Naval Annex in C-town? I can't remember the name. (By the way, I think it's Tavern on the Water).

        All of these are definitely on the less-fancy, more reasonable side of the scale.