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Mar 19, 2007 07:18 AM

New Korean resto at Yonge/John ?

Driving up Yonge St. north of Steeles, noticed a new Korean restaurant on the west side, in a little plaza with a "Grand Opening" banner.... I think it was close to John St....close to the Korea Exchange Bank plaza.... I think the name was Chung Gi Wah or something close to that.... has anyone tried it? any thoughts?

thanks in advance,

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  1. It was the one that used to be near Food Basic on Drewry and Yonge.
    Now, there's Congee Time instead.

    Chung Gi Wah serves ordinary food. I went there once with huge number of people and maybe that's why the food was ordinary.
    But I heard that their hot soups are all pretty good

    1. so i took the plunge and my mistake - it's at Yonge & Thornhill Ave (just north of Royal Orchard) - the sign is in Korean and is called Jang Soo Gwan (the only part of the sign in English is "Korean BBQ Restaurant"

      their specialty is cold buckwheat noodle and bbq - the owners ran a buckwheat noodle house for 15+ years before opening this restaurant. their buckwheat noodles are very good (hard to find this dish done properly in restos) and the bbq is also very good - they brought it to us grilled already and on hot plates. nice fresh side dishes - clean tasting, not as if they've been sitting around.... tried the jajangmyun too and it was not bad but not the best (then again, i've only had really good jajangmyun in seoul)

      all in all, i'd recommend it - a little bit pricier than the mom & pop places but not as expensive as sariwon and the food is fresh

      btw - the bbq we had was pork and beef bulgogi - they came bbq'd and not pan fried as at some restaurants

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        Do you know the number on yonge street offhand? I know the yonge/steeles area, but don't want to get lost.

        1. re: red dragon

          Jang Soo Gwang Korean BBQ Restaurant
          8100 Yonge Street, Toronto

          If you do go, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the place.... I recently heard from a few others who have tried it and the reviews were mixed...

          1. re: berbere

            Thanks for the addrress, yes, I'll post back here when I've had a chance to check it out. I was at the Yonge/Steeles plaza just now, but ate in the Korean food court. Not sure what I would order at Jang Soo though.

            1. re: red dragon

              I've tried the bbq bulgogi & bbq pork ribs, which were both very good (tender, just enough charring, meaty/juicy); hwaenaengmyun was also good: not too hot (despite the red sauce), lots of the raw skate, not as many veggies as I would have liked, and was large; the jajangmyun was not that great (but none in toronto have satisfied me). i saw others at the restaurant ordering the hot pots which are cooked at the table - there are several hot pot combos on the menu

              bon apetit!

              1. re: berbere

                Thanks again berbere, for the info!

                1. re: berbere

                  Try the jajang myun at Oh Geul Boh Geul. I liked their version of it a lot better than at other places.