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Mar 19, 2007 06:59 AM

quick! tiramisu in minneapolis

I am celebrating my sweetheart's birthday this evening with a fine meal at home, and have come to the conclusion that there is no way I will ever have time to make dessert today. Does anyone have any ideas where I can get some good tiramisu to take away? I will be all over the metro today - Uptown, Bloomington, Northside and finally Northeast, but not interested in making a special trip elsewhere. Many thanks.

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  1. I'm not 100% sure ... but perhaps the bakery case at Lund's/Byerly's, or Broder's Deli at 50th & Penn. I can't confirm that any of them carry portable tiramisu, but you should be able to pick up some other equally delectable dessert.

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      Jordan -- yes, Broders deli does have takeaway Tiramisu in individual sizes.

      If you'd like a "birthday cake" sized Tiramisu, Buca de Beppo's is actually not too bad either. I think they would do it as a takeout item.

    2. I don't eat much tiramisu (can't handle the coffee or the chocolate at night, alas), but I think Buca has it on their menu. In fact, I've tasted it and it's quite good.

      But here's the resource you really need - "Heaven in your mouth - Tiramisu ratings for Minnesota." The reviews are a few years old, but a quick call would verify the tiramisu availability.

      It never ceases to amaze me how information is out there on the Internet!


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        Wow. 10 year old reviews of tiramisu. Sometimes the internets scare me.

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          But just imagine, if a place had great tiramisu 10 years ago, how great it must
          be by now! :)

      2. So I wound up stopping into the Patrick's counter inside Bachman's at 6010 Lyndale, simply because it was the option that seemed least out of my way on that day. Their dessert case is amazing - rows of fancy individual cakes, tiny tartlets and napoleons, cookies and pastries. I chose one little pyramid of tiramisu and on a whim, a passioncake. While the tiramisu was really lovely, neither of us was terribly impressed. The passioncake on the other hand... oh my goodness! If you can bear to disturb into its golden-glazed, raspberry crowned beauty, you will be rewarded with a stunning passionfruit cream, subtle vanilla cream and spongy coconut cake. Perhaps the best dessert-in-a-box I've eaten. The poor tiramisu was basically neglected after a few bites and saved for the next day, while we licked clean the little gold coin under the remains of the passioncake.