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Mar 19, 2007 06:01 AM

Best dim sum or Taiwanese breakfast in Chinatown?

Looking for recommendations for best Dim Sum or Taiwanese breakfast in Chinatown. I usually go to China Pearl for dim sum, but I've heard there's better in the area.

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  1. for dim sum, hei la moon. taiwanese stuff, head over taiwan cafe.

      1. re: BostonCorkDork

        I recently ate dim sum at both Hei La Moon and China Pearl. I'd give the nod to China Pearl for quality and creativity.

            1. re: EnderWiggin

              China Pearl has them too, as does Chao Chow City around the corner,.

        1. I've had dim sum at China Pearl, Chau Chau City, Hei La Moon, Emperor's Garden, etc. I think they are all very good (or about the same, depending on how you see it). I would choose based on other factors. I'll go off the beaten path and suggest Imperial Seafood (right at the gate) for two reasons: 1) they're not as crowded and so you can eat leisurely. I always feel pressured at the other places. 2) they do NOT do the rolling carts, but rather cook to order. This results in fresher dim sum. They serve dim sum every day. As for the quality of the dim sum itself, I personally suspect that many of the chinatown restaurants get their dim sum outsourced from the same makers. Just my opinion...I'd love to know either way.

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            Since when did Imperial eliminate rolling carts for dim sum? Haven't been recently(1-2 yrs), but they did have them last several years.