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Mar 19, 2007 04:50 AM

Getting A Real Rush From Food

On Saturday I made a big batch of chicken soup. I could not resist rendering the chicken fat, with some finely chopped onions and frying the liver in it. I knew eating this would wreck havoc with my cholesterol but decided to toss caution into the wind. It was so delicious, I really felt like I was doing an illicit drug or something. Even though I knew it was bad for me, I chilled the fat and now continue to eat it spread over rye bread sprinkled with some salt and pepper. Each time I eat it, I feel wonderful! I know as soon as I am done with it, that's it, my habit will be kicked, but for now I am in some sort of food high heaven.
I get a similar rush when I eat hot food, prepared with chili peppers, and I often crave it, but this was different, a bit more euphoric. Any other food rushes out there?

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  1. I have definitely gotten "high" from chomping on one of those dried red chiles you sometimes find in Chinese food. A real endorphin rush.

    I get a ecstatic feeling from smelling black pepper...or saffron.

    1. Our local Thai joint has a traditional dish they call Suki. It's a noodley, brothy, meaty delight, similar to Pho. They say that most Americans don't like it, but give it to me now! And I like it spicy as hell.

      1. I get that from wassabi. Especially if I drank a little too much the night before and I have it at lunch- clears the head right up and makes me feel more alive for a brief time.

        1. There's this little Mexican place here in Chicago that makes the greatest salsa - always just fresh and perfect. When I'm making Mexican food at home, I get a to-go container. I swear that after the fourth bite, I'm feeling extra good. Not unlike the way I feel after a nice martini.

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            Please tell us where you have this salsa experience.

            1. re: xena

              I get at Garcias in Lincoln Square. The food is only so-so, but the salsa is great.

              1. re: bryan

                Thanks, will make a note of it!

          2. Endorphin Rush salsa at Tijuana Flats. Just thinking about it makes me sweat.