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Mar 19, 2007 03:23 AM

Il Cortile Del Re, anyone?

Have any Charlestonians been here and if yes, was it good?

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  1. I'm not a Charlestonian, nor have I been to II Cortile Del Re, but deibu tried to go there as a party of one and was turned away with two-tops available. I don't think I could get past that and give them my business.

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    1. re: SweetPea

      That's awful! IS he/she positive they weren't reserved already? Does that mean their policy is to NEVER take single diners?

      Anyhow, I've been there and it's really good. I haven't been there since I discovered Al Di La, but it you wanted Italian and wanted to stay on the pennisula, I think it's a good choice. REally nice wines by the glass.

      They were really nice to a friend and me a few years ago. We wanted to go the traditional Italian route of antipasti, pasta, and secondi, but explained that we weren't huge eaters. They let us order one of each and put them on separate plates (without being asked...we had planned to just share), no extra charge.

      1. re: danna

        I got the distinct impression the tables were not reserved. Make sure you read both posts in the thread. The first named the wrong restaurant but is corrected in the second.

        1. re: SweetPea

          Thanks, somehow I never read that reply.

          That's just awful.

    2. We were able to make same-day reservations, which I found impressive. The service was sketchy though. We had a server who was spaced out and spazzy - not a very good combination. We waited awhile for our food. I had the wild boar which was great but my wife received a dish she didn't order. Since she was ready to eat her hand at that point, she accepted it anyway. I have to admit that the food was tasty, but I think the place needs some polish on its customer service.