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Mar 19, 2007 01:55 AM

Meursault for under $50 ?

greetings, it's been educational for this novice to see all the Burgundy tasting notes kindly shared on this board. Recently we were enchanted by a L.Latour 2002 Meursault Chateau de Blagny at a tasting but the retailer's enticing price was made moot by their 6 btl. minimum per order.
Another retailer has two other 2002 latour Meursaults around the same price, les Charmes and les Genevrieres, and at a third I found at a lower price point a 2001 Caillot le Barre Dessus Clos Marguerite that had pretty inviting tasting notes. With the bar set by the '02 Chat. de Blagny, will these others let us down? Open to other recommendations from wiser palates of course; haven't tried any '03s or '04s, and planning to visit North Berkeley Imports soon. thank you, all

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  1. When you go to North Berkeley, check out the Meursaults from Yves Boyer-Martenot.

    1. guy bocard mersault is lovely and retails for just under $50

      1. I've had all of the Latour '02s that you mention and agree that they are drinking nicely now. If it were me, I'd just do 1.5 cases (6 btl. of each) and ask for a bit more of a discount. Next option would be to find someone, with whom I could split the purchase. Maybe even add in a Montrachet from the supplier for a 2 case order and negotiate the unit price down a tad.

        I like the Guy Bocard, mentioned above, but have not had their '02.


        1. you might be able to get some Jobard for under $50; check with Martine's, the importer