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Mar 18, 2007 11:46 PM

best romantic italian restaurant

my boyfriend and i are going to new york (his first time) in june, and i would love to find a great casual yet romantic italian restaurant that represents the city. so far Lupa, P'o, Piccolo Angolo, Falai, Lavagna,Perbacco, and Sfoglia are looking good. we're in our mid twenties so we don't want to spend more than $100. any and all suggestions and thoughts are appriciated!

if you can think of any other casual fun places that we should check out as well, feel free to add them!


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  1. Check out Apizz on the LES. Dark and cozy with a wood burning stove that makes the place nice and warm. Fits your price range and the food is excellent. Great bars to go to afterwards right in waling distance.

    1. Three of Cups is over on 1st ave and 6th street, or close to that. It is dark and candlelit, not too expensive, and they have great food and wine. There is a cozy lounge in the basement if you want to check it out first. My husband and I used to go there on many a romantic occasion when we lived in NYC.

      1. Lupa and Perbacco are too cramped and noisy to be romantic. Piccolo Angolo is more "family style." Falai is too brightly lit.
        Po is a possibility--it is cramped, but it could be considered small and cozy, so maybe romantic.
        I'm with princeofpork on Apizz. Crispo is another great alternative.

        1. Po for the tasting menu (about $45 for 5 of the city's best deals!) Most of the tables are cramped, but see if you can request a table by the window. Lavagna is another one of my faves for this kind of outing....

          1. Many people think L'Impero is the most romantic in the city but it is out of the price range you mentioned. Personally, I would recommend D'Andrea, a low key restaurant in the West Village that has great food. I have been there a few times with my wife, including Valentines Day a few years ago, and the bill has always been below $100.00, including some nice wine. I also love Crispo but Da Andrea is a little more intimate.