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Mar 18, 2007 10:25 PM

Starbucks in Greenpoint before Williamsburg

Yes the rumor is confirmed, Starbucks is opening in Greenpoint on Manhattan Avenue, next to MacDonald. It used to be an old fashion theater, then was transformed into a Burger King. And now the "future" is calling. How do you feel about it?

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  1. it's moving in next to a mcdonald's and will be close by two dunkin donuts branches, a subway, an eckerd, and a rite-aid, so it's not like the neighborhood is virgin territory for chains/big business. i guess starbucks implies some sort of "upscaling," though... like it's the sign of complete yuppification. i'm not angry about it, but a good new independent (and affordable) cafe/restaurant would be vastly preferable.

    1. I agree. I try not to get my knickers in a twist too much as I always think of the Starbucks on Canal Street and how it is an island of a chain in a sea of Chinese establishments. I don't feel like the floodgates are going to open in Greenpoint with franchises. But, I'll be spending my caffeine dollars at the indepedendent places as well.

      1. Don't like Starbucks? Vote with your dollar.
        GO TO GRUMPY'S on Meserole and Diamond. Great coffee, lovingly prepared espresso, local owners, cute place.

        1. I don't think Starbucks coming to town implies as much "upscaling/yuppication" as it used to. With their market saturation tactics it's actually making Starbucks too common, like McD's, it doesn't have the same intonation as it did years ago. Who doesn't know what a tall, grande or venti is nowadays?