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Mar 18, 2007 10:18 PM

Takeout from Lahore Karahi

Got takeout tonight from Lahore Karahi, my first time inside the place (or trying the food). We got there at a busy time, ordered and waited for our food. It seems like the owner takes a lot of pride in his food, and I thought everything we had was excellent. We had one chicken tikka masala - I liked their version, which was more gingery than many versions. There were some other unique flavors too that I couldn't identify. Wasn't bright orange like this dish can sometimes be. Very good. The sag paneer was also great. I think the highlight for me though was the chicken biryani. Usually I think this dish is somewhat boring, but from Lahore Karahi it isn't! It was very spicy (whole pieces of chili) and flavorful...chicken pieces were boneless and very tender. We asked everything to be medium spicy, and the heat (especially biryani and tikka masala) was impressive. We also had naan (nice, yeasty flavor) and rice (with spices and chilis). Total bill (before tip) was 29 dollars! Plenty of food for 3. Also included was a container of payasam (sp?) which made for a delicious dessert. I will definitely be back!

Dave MP

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  1. I'm glad you liked this--Lahore Karahi is by far my favorite Pakistani/Indian in SF. Spicy definitely means spicy here. You should definitely try the tandoori fish when you go back.

    1. i've been telling myself i need to go here time after time. was so close (yet so far) saturday night. thanks for the reminder.

      1. This place is my favorite Pakastani - Indian restaurant and I agree the chicken tikka masala is delicious. I recommend the tandoori lamb chops, I usually don't like the tandoori meats but Guddhu sure knows what he's doing. The last time I went I actually had room for dessert and had Kheer the rice pudding with pistachios it's rich and creamy definitely a must have.

        1. the kheer for dessert, is a great deal at $2.
          i also like the butter chicken, which is consistent and has a nice quantity of
          meat for the price.
          imho, the CTM isn't really supposed to be spicy. does that really work?

          some of the other meat dishes are variable ... worth the price, but not as
          reliable as the butter chicken. i really dont see the need to go to nan and curry,
          or shalimar or pakwan any more in that area ... unless i am specifically
          looking for something not available at LK [like i dont think LK has haleem].

          BTW, are any of the "indian dives" showing the Cricket World Cup?
          [we watched some in the back room at shalimar last time around, but
          i havent been there recently].

          1. The original comment has been removed