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Mar 18, 2007 09:46 PM

Homemade pasta tips?

Hello all,

Earlier today I made homemade pasta for the first time following Marcella Hazan's recipe - tagliatelle w/ bolognese was a great Sunday evening dish; I only wish I hade made more of it! I was quite pleased with the results but can't help thinking my technique could use some refiniment, so I've been browsing through some of the old CH posts on homemade pasta and have come up with a couple questions:

- Hazan's recipe doesn't have a rest period after kneading the dough and my dough seemed to get a bit fragile toward the thinner stages; would adding some resting time eliminate this?
- I used good old unbleached AP flour - does cake flour or 00 produce appreciably different results?

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  1. I'm not familiar with her recipe. I always rest the dough for a bit , it lets the gluten and gliaden relax and then they stretch in the same direction better
    Check out other flour options too, Something with some semolina in it would make a great product

    1. I, too, am not aquainted with the Hazan recipe for pasta dough. I notice that a lot of recipes are just egg and flour, but in the recipe that I have been using I always add a tablespoon (more or less) of olive oil. The dough is just pliable enough, handles and rolls out easily and always cooks up very quickly with good texture. I use a pasta machine for rolling out. Does anyone else add a touch of oil to their recipe?

      Also use part all-purpose flour and part semolina.

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        Adding olive oil helps, but really the key is in using semolina over all flour.

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          The Hazan recipe is just 1 cup flour to 2 large eggs; she specifically recommends AP flour for both its resulting taste and texture. I'll have to try adding olive oil and see what the differences are.

          What's a good semolina to flour ratio to try?

          1. re: moglia

            It's difficult to say just how much semolina. I like 1/3 semolina and 2/3 of all-purpose flour. Just try a bit of experimenting. Semolina is a hard wheat and gives a gluten to your recipe.

            Here is a good sebsite to use as a guide for technique and proceedure:


        2. i like 00 flour with semolina added. no olive oil ever for me. resting is essential. my italian mother always used 1 egg to 1 cup of flour and would add additional yolks as necessary. her pasta rocked and now so does mine!

          1. I use Marcella's recipe. I think the key to any pasta is to keep dusting it (and the wheels of the pasta maker) with flour as it thins out. If I keep the pasta well floured, then I don't have problems with it splitting apart, even without resting.

            1. Likewise I like to rest my pasta. I also like 1/3 semolina to 2/3 regular flour.