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Mar 18, 2007 09:31 PM


The prices seem very high to me but check it out:

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  1. Not when you compare it to the other first rate brands...IMO

    1. The Mario Batali enameled cast iron 6-quart recieved high marks from Cook's Illustrated and retails for $99. Food for thought.

      1. And they're both made in China. So go for the less expensive one.

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        1. re: foodstorm

          Are they both made the same way in China? Why does being made in China make one as good as the other?

          1. re: xnyorkr

            Good question--I don't know. I'd guess they're the same, but Lodge is probably banking on name recognition to command a higher price.

            1. re: foodstorm

              Don't guess, inspect the goods! There are modern factories in China that turn out product at higher standards than almost anyone in the world, and then there are sweatshops that turn out the worst shite imaginable. Until you get a close look, it's often difficult to tell from which kind of shop a given manufacturer sources their product.

              Of course, Staub often can be found on sale for prices that obliterate these, and then you don't have to think terribly much at all. Nonetheless, the process is useful.

              1. re: ttriche

                Disagree. Every Chinese-made enameled cast-iron piece I've seen on sale in Canada would flunk a Creuset "second" inspection. It all has "shelf appeal" since most of us wince at Staub/Creuset pricing--that's what sets the hook on these look-a-likes. " Good enough." Maybe. Curious whether any of this stuff will be around after 5 years of moderate home use.

                1. re: Kagemusha

                  I'll try to remember to dig up this post in 5 years and let you know. ;-) I'm not sure if it'll be around either, but at the price vs the others, it was a gamble I was willing to take. If it lasts for 5 years that would be 35-40 years to recoup the extra cost for LeCreuset. Not sure I'll still be cooking then. ;-)

                  1. re: CrazyOne

                    5.5 years later, I'm curious how things have held up!

                    1. re: CaliforniaJoseph

                      Still using mine a lot. Although the white enamel is stained it's still in good shape

                      1. re: CaliforniaJoseph

                        Still using mine too. well, admittedly, like scubadoo97, mine also got stained and someone in my household tried to clean it with steel wool without me knowing (grr), so I replaced that scratched one recently with another Lodge. I'm actually happy to report that the newer models of the Lodge enamel coated cast iron dutch ovens actually have a metal knob on top, as opposed to the old rubber/plastic ones, so they are now ok to higher temps in the oven, although I never had an issue with the old knob either. I highly recommend them for the price, provided you find them for under $80 (seems like some of the "trendier" colors are priced higher)

                2. re: foodstorm

                  Amazon has the 6 qt. Lodge ovens now at only $39.99 with free shipping. It's their lower priced line, but still good. In 3 colors.


                  1. re: blondelle

                    got mine at Walmart for same price.

                    1. re: blondelle

                      I received one of these for xmas (well, let's say my request for a very specific gift was kindly granted!), and I absolutely love it. Very sturdy and cleans up beautifully....I've used it at least a dozen times already, and it still looks like I just took it out of the box. The seal seems very tight--we'll see if that lasts in the coming years. All in all, I would highly recommend this product.

                      My only concern is the non-metal handle on the top. Does anyone have any experience using this product in an oven with really hot temps? I've pushed it to 450 for 30min, which is above what the manufacturer recommends, and I didn't notice any problems, but I'm wondering whether it's safe to go as high as 500.

                      1. re: ziggles

                        I picked one up from Amazon when they were on sale for $49.99 w/free shipping. I showed it to my mom, who has a number of Le Creuset pieces that are pushing 30 years, and a new piece that is only a few months old. She was impressed by the finish and I certainly couldn't see anything wrong with it. I did, however, replace the knob before anything untoward happened. I use the DO for baking bread sometimes and I usually start it at 550F; for $5 it seemed like a stupid risk to leave the stock knob on. I bought a chrome steel knob from the hardware store with the same diameter on its base as the stock knob, screwed it on reasonably tight, and it has been just great since then.

                        If you really really want to use the stock knob, throw it in the oven at whatever temperature you're intending to cook at, and see if it starts to smoke. When it does, get a steel one ;-)

                        Oh, also, a little bleach (4:1) cleans the inside enamel right up. Just FYI.

                        1. re: ziggles

                          on my Lodge Enamel cast iron lid , I wrap the knob with aluminum foil, it does protect it at 500 degrees, I know because I have baked with that temp.

                3. I found a 5½ qt enamel dutch oven made by "Outset Cookwrae" at Marshall's for $49 and it seems like a pretty decent pot Metal Handels and lid knob. Never heard of the company though.

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                  1. re: Eric in NJ

                    Hi Eric, I just purchased the same Outset dutch oven at Marshall's, also for $49. I haven't used it yet. What do you think of it? Is it worth keeping?

                    1. re: gdgrules

                      I've used it allot, soups, stews, cooked the corned beef in it. It has stained on the inside but I'm sure I could get it brighter but I don't worry about such things The pot works that's what I want. Good luck with yours.

                      1. re: gdgrules

                        Some colors of the Outset are now $20 at my Marshall's (Miami) on clearance... I picked up a Chantal Talavera line 7.5 or 8 quart (tag is gone) enameled cast iron dutch oven today on clearance for $29. At that price I'll use it until it dies, then look for a another one when/if I want another one.

                        1. re: gdgrules

                          I just purchased Outset Dutch oven too.
                          I would appreciate if people who already used it share experience.
                          I need to know if I can use it at 500F. Can I use it for bread baking, when I need to drop dough into preheated to 500F dish? Do you think that enamel will tolerate this torture and does not crack?
                          Thank you.
                          Karen in MO

                          1. re: karblock

                            I don't know about that brand, but my Lodge did fine at that temp. I had hubby to remove the plastic knob of the lid with stainless steel one.

                            1. re: LadyCook61

                              Thank you.
                              Did you preheat your oven dry and empty to about 500F prior to placing food in it?

                              1. re: karblock

                                I preheat the oven with the empty dutch oven in it at 500F for the NY Times bread.

                            2. re: karblock

                              I've had my outset dutch oven for 6 months, also purchased from Marshalls. Last night I left it on the electric burner on high setting and walked away, when I returned it was a nightmare, the pot enamel melded to the burner and a dark carbon stains set in the interior. I used ajax to clean the dark stains on the pot and still need to deal with the enamel left on the burners. Does anyone have ideas?

                              1. re: zeroannihilate

                                Start a new thread, Zero. You'll get lost in all these old posts.

                        2. Back in stock again, and recommended by Cooks Illustrated. Price is right too!