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Mar 18, 2007 09:03 PM


The topic of potato donuts has come up on the SF Bay Area board,
and one of the recommendations is for Spudnuts. No branches to be found in our region, but I'm interested in hearing more about this former franchise operation. Apparently the remaining locations are on their own now. Here's one discussion of the ones in the Los Angeles area.

Spudnuts discussion on the LA board -

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  1. Thanks for posting this in the proper place! Here's a repeat link to my web-culled Spudnut info.

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    1. re: Mick Ruthven

      I grew up in Utah and loved Spudnuts! I just thought it referred to a plain glazed donut and when I first arrived in California I would go into a donut shop and ask for a Spudnut. A what?? Anyway, your post taught me something and now I know where I can try them again. Will be interesting to see how I like them after many decades!

      1. re: terim

        Just yesterday I had my first Spudnut after several decades. I don't know that it was exactly the same (lots has changed), but it was great! See my post below or just go to my post on the California board directly:

      2. I prefer spudnuts to donuts because I like the denser, heavier texture. For donuts, I always like the buttermilk ones the best, so it's a natural transition to spudnuts. I live in LA and there's a Spudnuts close to work, I've only been once since I'd like to try to stay somewhat healthy, but now I feel like I should take advantage of this goodie that I have in my area!

        1. I don't know about another chain called Spudnuts...but I know there is a "Spudnuts" in Charlottesville, VA. Better than Krispy Kreme!!!

          1. Holy crap, had no idea this was a chain! I've been to the one in Cville. It was a hoot. The place itself is sorta a really low end diner, almost truck stop-y. The donut was denser and heavier than a regular donut; not as sweet. Wasn't awesome, wasn't bad. I just appreciated it for the novelty.

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              The Charlottesville place has been locally owned for over 30 years. I don't think anybody knew it was ever a franchise.

            2. I also grew up on Spudnuts. The shop was, and still is, in El Dorado, Arkansas. Nothing compared to a fresh, hot Spudnut (or 3) and a Mr. Pibb after school. I'm new here in L.A. and haven't ventured to the locations locally. I hope they're as yummy.
              I've heard that Krispy Kreme donuts are actually made from potato flour.... hmm.