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Mar 18, 2007 08:47 PM

Osso buco?

Anyone have suggestions on places in SF that make great osso bucco? Have an anniversary dinner coming up, and want to find a nice meal of that. Quince? Acquarello?

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  1. Original Joe's (Taylor St., SF) serves osso bucco as a lunch special every Wednesday. I don't know if it is available at dinner that night.

    I would be very surprised if restaurants like Quince and Acquerello ever serve osso bucco. It might be a little to "down market" for those restaurants. Perbacco does a lot of braises and stews. You might call them to see if they ever have osso bucco on their menu. Check with Delfina as well. Lately, it seems like short ribs and pork shoulder have become the most popular meats to be used in that type of dish.

    1. Perbacco and Quince don't currently have osso bucco on their menus, unfortunately. Sugos and ragus are currently all the rage. They take their braised meats and make hearty sauces for their pastas. They are incredibly tasty, though. Both Perbacco and Quince offer those. So does A16.

      1. Globe use to serve a very nice one, served on lemon risotto. Don't know if they still do. I still remember it however 5 years later. It was very good.

        1. The best Osso Bucco I've had in town was A16's take on it but using wild boar. Their menu changes daily, though, but I think they always have something braised...

          1. Original Joe's has very good OB, but only for lunch on Wednesdays...ditto Marin Joe's. What to watch for is the very tender, but tasteless, OB that you can cut with a fork. It is just to tender and mild. Joe's has more of a baby beef shank than veal...very flavorful.