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Mar 18, 2007 08:40 PM

Eating my way through Mexico in Santa Ana: Part 1 - Yucatecan Breakfast

For this Santa Ana Mexican Cuisine reconnaissance (My last trip: ) , my primary source was Arellano’s Food writing in the OC weekly. Take some time to read his work and it is not hard to notice that his passion for regional Mexican cooking really shines through.

Having long been fascinated and intrigued by Dommy!’s extraordinary posts on the enigmatic cuisine of her ancestry - the Yucatan and in addition having recently recorded Bayless’s special on PBS, my palate was sufficiently whetted for some masa-based Yucatec snacks. (not to mention the Chichen Itza coverage).

So Conde’s Cakes - presumably OC’s only Yucatec ‘restaurant’ (its really more of a panaderia) - was my first stop for breakfast. Several other patrons were already seated inside on this chilly overcast morning enjoying pan dulce and coffee or steaming hot tamales.

Opting for a light breakfast (in anticipation of the day ahead), I ordered a Panucho which is a fried corn tortilla filled with black bean paste topped with achiote tinged turkey shreds, pickled red onions, and a light cucumber salad. In essence, it is a Yucatecan tostada.

This dish was wonderful. So many different textures: crunchy tortilla, smooth bean paste, crisp cucumber and pickled onion, dense turkey meat – and flavors: earthy corn – its flavor heightened through frying, rich black beans, and sparks of vinegary onions. A great culinary experience for me - through and through. :


My sweet was a slice of the Yucatecan Pan de Nata – almost like a bundt cake – supple, buttery, and a gentle texture, it is awesome with coffee.

To go, I made sure I had an order each of Vaporicito and Colado Tamales. I have not eaten these yet but will report back tomorrow. I also purchased a Barley Soda from the Yucatan – haven’t tried this yet either.

Also available was Conchinita Pibil which I did not try.

Talking with the owner, Omar (Husband and wife team with a little girl) – he plans to make much more Comida Yucateca available in the coming months. Offerings will possibly include Kibbe (Yuc twist on vestige of Leb. Immigrants), Salbutes, Queso Relleno (Picadillo stuffed Edam cheese [Dutch trading legacy]) etc.

I inquired after Recado Negro and an advertised Yucatan Chile Habanero fresh Salsa but alas they were sold out.

From the Pan Dulce, I brought home some Pan Yucateco: a comote and coconut, powdered sugar dusted Empanada (delicious), a long butter cream filled roll, and Dommy’s Hojalandra (Ham and Cheese croissant) - not tried yet.

Conde’s Cakes is a great little spot for some unique snacks and great pan dulce and I can’t wait to go back.
Conde Cakes & Bakery
2050 N Grand Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 560-0844

Pictures will be posted on my flickr site soon! Will update.

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  1. OMG!! If they start making Queso Relleno, I will forever be indebted to them! Thanks so much for the report. I will have to make the trek down and check them out myself! :)


    1. Thanks so much for sharing, this is my stop next time I pass by Santa Ana. I can't wait to eat their Comida Yucateca!

      1. First Picture: Exterior View
        2nd: Pan Yucateco
        3rd: Pan de Nata
        4th: Yucatecan Barley Soda

        1. 1: Panucho
          2: Interior
          3.Vaporcito Tamal
          4. Colado Tamal

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          1. re: kare_raisu

            Report on the Tamales:

            Both delicious! Colado wins slightly. The masa reminded me of a Guatamalan Tamal I once had in Riverside. I really enjoyed the plain tomato sauce that was served with it. Dommy any help on this? Is that Chaya that was enclosed?

            Vaporcito had nice shreds of chicken - simple but good (although I thought it would be thinner).

            (btw are you watching Mexico One plate at a Time)

            1. re: kare_raisu

              Usually the sauce that is served along side the Yuc. tamales is made of purred tomato which is added to a mixture of oil and onion. Then a habanero is dropped in whole to infuse the flavor!

              When opening up a Tamale Colado, often you will see a leaf, that can be Chaya, but the best use Epazote (Which lends more flavor) and then a thin slice of tomato that through the steaming process has become all melty and yummy! :)


              1. re: Dommy

                Great pictures. How did you like the barley soda. The two I tried so far weren't much.

                1. re: rworange

                  Its actually still in my fridge. I tried to find some info on it via net to no avail. EN briefly mentioned it on Rey Pakal postings.

                2. re: Dommy

                  Is the sauce really simple as that Dommy? It was really good - Ill have to try this. I have only used a whole habanaro to flavor my black beans.

                  I really like the melty tomato too.

                  1. re: kare_raisu

                    Pretty much... We make it all the time... :D