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Mar 18, 2007 08:29 PM

Tutta Bella

Hi anyone been there recently? We have plans to go to the north one. I haven't had good pizza since I left NYC. I am not expecting the same as NY pizza, just want to taste good pizza.
Please share your thoughts.

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  1. Elaine, Both Tutta Bella and Serious Pie make authentic pizza as you would experience in Italy: Very thin crust, minimal ingredients with cheese and herbs added just before serving. (So the cheese doesn't become a mass of grease soaking through the crust as so perfected by Domino's.) It won't resemble the Pizza you experienced in Little Italy--which is different as well--but you won't be disappointed.

    1. tutta bella has a nice crust but they load it down with a bunch of non-traditional ingredients, which i don't mind, but it makes the pizza soggy, and ruins it, in my opinion. serious pie goes the "less is more" route. great simple pizzas, same with via tribunali on the hill. they make some great seriously italian pizzas.

      1. Tutta Bella - while having convenient parking and being kid-friendly - fell a little flat in my opinion. Their pizzas are good, salads are OK and it can have a fun atmosphere. It can get pretty loud and crowded though (although they give you a free - albeit teeny - glass of red wine while you wait) and I thought their pizza and sauce were a little bland. I needed to add salt.

        My favorite is still Via Tribunali on Capital Hill. Not sure how "NY" it is, but it surely is Neapolitan. Their crust and sauce alone take me back to the winding backstreets of Napoli. Add some mozzarella di bufalo & basil and you have true perfection. Prices can be bit high, but you get better atmosphere and few if any families.

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          There is nothing truly like NY pizza here for whatever reason. I agree that Via Tribunali is the tastiest pizza in town, with Tutta Bella my second favorite or defacto pizza choice if we are all going out for pizza. On the downside Via has a pretty arrogant vibe to it for a pizza joint but at least the decor is pretty cool. I think Serious Pie is overrated and for tourists, just like all Tom Douglas restaurants.

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            I desperately miss Harvey's Tavern's sausage pizza, and Gold Creek Pizza out of Cle Elum. Some of the best pizzas on different sides of the spectrum as I've found in this state.

          2. Wasn't their a food writer through town recently that rated our pizza joints? I seem to remember he had a favorite NY-style place that was neither Tutta Bella nor Via Tribunali.

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              I found the article: http://tinyurl.com/ysr47l. Two other places mentioned in this article aren't "pizzerias" - Cafe Lago (I found the crust to be too much like a cracker) and La Vita e Bella. I haven't had pizza at LVB, but heard it's good. Any reports?

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                  I think La Vita e Bella bests Tutta Bella on almost ALL levels: Sauce(flavorful, not flat), crust(thin, but not soggy), toppings(not too heavy, tasty flavor combos), service(some of Tutta's staff are useless), and ambience(you can hear your date speak). However, trying to park near LVB might prove challenging, far moreso than Tutta.

                  Now, for something more akin(akin, but not close) to East Coast-style pizza, try Northlake Tavern.

              1. Forget about finding NYC pizza in Seattle. Had pizza (cheese) once at La Vita E Bella and it was soggy and tasteless. Last month the family went to the Stone Way Tutta Bella for the second time and we all agreed it was not good. Bland salads and again soggy pizza.