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For People in the Tustin and Irvine area (moved from CA board)

Hello, my name is Aleena. I got to school in the tustin and irvine area. My friend and i are looking to cut down on calories and fat, and looking to make some healthier choices, too loose some waistline and baby - fat. We love all kinds of foods... If you have any suggestions (doesnt matter if its fast-food or restaurant style) they would be GREATLY appreciated. We do have a tight- budget, so please keep that in mind! Thank you oh so very much! :)

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  1. Mother's Market. Try any of their dishes with brown rice. They have a restaurant in the store, as well as prepared foods in the store itself. I also enjoy their fresh juice bar. It's a health food store, so you may find other options that you also like.

    Mother's Market, 2963 Michelson Drive, Irvine, CA

    There are three other locations as well (Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach and Laguna Woods).


      1. you can't go wrong with Vietnamese food. Most of the dishes are low in fat and the prices at Long Hai on El Camino in Tustin are great

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          Just be careful how much of the dipping sauce (called nuoc cham) you put on your food, as that's got quite a bit of sugar in it... and obviously you'll want to avoid things cooked in caramel sauce if you're trying to cut down on your weight.

          Rutabegorz is a great suggestion.

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            I second the Long Hai suggestion. I am there about twice a week for lunch and actually get cravings for the BBQ chicken or pork w/ rice when I go more than 4 days without it ;)

          2. Try Wholesome Choice in Irvine at the corner of Culver and Michelson. They have a huge take out food area with all kind of different ethnic food. Very reasonably priced. Something for everyone.

            1. Sushi 5 in Tustin: it's a revolving sushi place. Elmomonster did a great review on it on his blog. It's $2.50 per plate with 2 pieces of sushi. It's healthy, low cal, and great for your budget.

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                thank you so much! if any of you live near jamboree, do you have any suggestions near there? that would be great!

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                  Mother's Market is on Jamboree near Michelson in Irvine, near the 405 freeway exit at Jamboree. The food can be bland at times, but it is quite healthy. I always feel good after eating there.

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                    i will try and get a chance to go there! thanks a lot! do you know anywhere else? where its fast - good - and LOW CAL?

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                      Hmm. I don't really know anywhere else. Wholesome Choice, also recommended above, isn't too far away either. I don't know about low-cal though. They have food of all kinds from all over the world in their international food court. It's near the Culver exit of the 405 freeway, across from Park West Apartments, at the intersection of Culver and Michelson. It's a great store. Good luck, and let us know if you find anything you like. :)

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                        okay! thanks a lot... this really helps... just a little far from where i am, but thats ok. i hope Mother's Market is good, i look forward to trying it! do you by any chance know anything thats in the "Irvine Spectrum"?

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                          No problem. I don't know that area as well, but from the Irvine Spectrum directory, I saw there is a Golden Spoon frozen yogurt shop there. I like that place.

                          There was also a funnel cake place-- seems really good, but the opposite of what you are looking for.

                          I think Taco Rosa is opening a branch in the Tustin Marketplace, if it has not already opened. I really like their food. That might be closer to you, off the 5 freeway.

                          Unfortunately, I'm not the best person to ask for low-calorie food suggestions. I tend to like the other stuff. Maybe others can help you with more places near the Spectrum. :)

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                            thanks kat! yes, Taco Rosa is exactly the area im looking for, that is where i live. No, taco rosa has not opened up yet. is it healthy? seems like its grease, haha. I like golden spoon also, but i was looking for more of a meal choice. i really appreciate your help, but new suggestions are appreciated greatly! :)

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                              If I remember correctly, Taco Rosa has a healthy meal section on their menu in the restaurant (I couldn't find this section on their online menu). The food is not too greasy. They use a lot of veggies and fresh fruit (same owners as Taco Mesa). When it opens, check it out. The Newport location is the one I usually go to. If you want to avoid the grease, get one of their salads. Very tasty.


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                                thank you so much for all of your help - i really appreciate it! (still taking suggestions! :D :P )

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                                  You're welcome, and happy eating. :)

              2. Try wheel of life in the Culver and Walnut Center...decent and all vegan asian/thai

                1. There is a food court in the Irvine Marketplace on Jamboree and Irvine Blvd. that has Indian, Thai, Greek, sandwiches and other stuff. I'm sure you can find low calorie food there.

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                    mz.mag, i know exactly where that is, near target.... i go there all the time! haha, well, thanks a lot u guys! any more? haha.

                  2. Clay Oven (Indian) at Jeffrey/Irvine Center Drive is a nice change of pace. They have a nice lunch buffet (healthy with fruits, salad, meats, etc).

                    California Fish Grill off Barranca/Culver is not super cheap, but good when you want some straightforward seafood. They have daily specials, too.

                    Also, when in doubt, I've been known to end up at Soup Plantation. Nothing like a massive plate of salad to fill me up...and I don't feel guilty later.

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                      thanks brekkie! oh, i couldnt go to souplantation, because whenever i go there, i end up eating a massave amount of all that delicious food. haha. anymore places?

                    2. Wahoo's Fish Tacos by Mother's Market. A little high on salt, but it's grilled fish tacos are filling. Also a lot of selections in the University Market (?) across from UCI. Kochee Kebobs is healthy inexpensive Persian. You can stretch one of those meals into 2. There's a Lee's Sandwiches there and a Trader Joe's. Also the Trader Joe's salads are cheap and filling. I've lost a lot of weight and saved a lot of money eating at those places.

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                        thanks a lot!!! i love all these wonderful suggestions! any more? :)