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Mar 18, 2007 07:20 PM

MSP: Brunch recommendations

I live in northeast Minneapolis and am looking for a great brunch place in the area. Typically go to Elsie's which is very good basic breakfast, but would like an alternative. Sometimes go downtown to Key's and would love to go to Hell's Kitchen more often, but the line is too long. Sometimes go to Loring Pasta Bar, but they don't open til lunch-time. Thanks!

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  1. Jax might possibly have the best brunch in town. Very extensive.

    1. We just went to Lucia's for brunch for the first time. It was excellent. We split the waffle with lemon creme freche, blueberries and whip cream (amazing, never thought i wouldnt miss maple syrup) and the corned beef hash with poached eggs. Great coffee. Nice bloody's, nice and light and spicy. There was about a 20 minute wait, but they were nice and brought us coffee and had us sit in the wine bar next door which was closed.

      1. I live in NE too. I had brunch at the Times last weekend, and it was very good. Limited menu, but the eggs Benedict were excellent.

        1. In Nordeast:

          -Sample Room has brunch now (on Marshall and, like, 22nd)
          -Mill City Cafe has a good brunch that I bet will be even better when it gets warmer (patio!) (California at 23rdish?)
          -Jax is very good (as Fish mentioned) (on University and, like, 18th)
          -The Modern has weekend breakfast which we adore (13th and University)
          -Keegan's has brunch, but I've never tried it (Univeristy and Hennepin)
          -We're going to try The Times next weekend on MCM's recommendation.

          Downtown/NorthLoop we love:
          Moose & Sadies (best heuvos rancheros in town IMO)
          Hell's Kitchen (get a rez buzzer and bust over to the Local for a bloody...they work that far)
          Firelake (the apple panekoken is boss)

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            We eat frequently at Mill City. The food is good, but be aware that service can be rather slow. Not a problem for us as we like to relax and read the paper anyway, but if you are in a hurry, I wouldn't recommend it.

            We used to go to the Modern a lot, and their food is just excellent. Pampered eggs! Banana French Toast! Modern hash! Mmmmmm.

            I still haven't gotten over to the Sample Room brunch. Maybe this weekend.