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Mar 18, 2007 07:20 PM

CSA home deliveries?

My friends mother is renting a house in Weston starting this summer. It is inconvenient for her to drive. So we thought it would be a good idea to get her delivery grocery service, however, she only eats organic. I'm racking my brain to find a CSA that does home delivery? Boston Organics came up in my search but they don't deliver to Weston. Any other thoughts? Our other option is finding a drop off location near Weston (i.e. Waltham, Newton - the Newton CSA is currently closed) and my friend could pick it up on the way to visit her mother. Would love to hear any additional ideas.

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  1. you might try 3 sisters farm; i hear they do home deliveries, but i'm not sure if they've determined where they will be delivering to yet.

    1. There are Whole Foods locations in Wayland, Wellesley Hills, and Framingham. Could she take a taxi there and back? Otherwise, I was surprised to discover that Stopand Shop has a pretty expansive selection of organics and they do deliver via Pea Pod.

      1. Take a look here:

        You'd have to call around a bit to see who does home delivery.

        1. The best online listing of farm-direct CSAs is the Robyn Van En Center for Community Supported Agriculture:
          Most farms just won't find home delivery cost-effective, but you can try. I know Three Sisters will do specific location deliveries, but you have to be buying a certain amount - anyone your mother could share with? And it is true that Peapod can offer organic, though not local, produce.

          1. A couple of things to bear in mind: not all CSAs are organic, although many are and many that aren't certified organic do practice IPM (such as our CSA, Stillman's.) Also, even if you do find one that delivers, here in Eastern MA most CSAs connected with local farms are only active during a limited season - mid- to late June or so through about the end of October. Ours promises 17 weeks and in a good season may go a week or two longer. Boston Organics looks like a great organization, but they're not really a CSA. While their FAQ says that they do buy from local organic farmers when things are in season, they get their goods from California and further away during most of the year, in order to be able to provide year-round service.

            So - if your friend's mother is going to be here permanently starting in the summer, a CSA won't be a year-round solution. Finally, even a great CSA share will probably leave her needing other groceries, not to mention other household items - it won't cover the staples, or meats (unless you also find her an meat CSA!), or cleaning products and so on. The recommendation of Peapod above may be useful, at least to supplement a CSA share.