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Mar 18, 2007 06:49 PM

Purgatory Pizza

It's brand new. Owned and operated by the x-executive chef from Nicky D's.

It's great.

(323) 262 5310

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      1. How does it compare to Nicky D's?

        1. re: PC90026

          I had purgatory last week. I thought it was fair to good. Interesting that it's a former chef from Nicky D's. I though the pizza was somewhere between Nicky D's (when they're on their game) and Dominos. The crust was a little doughy to me. Nicky's as I think of it has a crust that's a little lighter. Sauce was nice, herby. I didn't try a specialty pie so I can't really comment on the toppings.

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        1. We tried a large combo last night, it was pretty good for downtown.
          Pizza Next Door is similar.

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          1. re: russkar

            I am starting to go out to downtown bars now just so I can order purgatory pizza (I live outside the delivery area). The other day we were at bar 107 and hungry. The Pizza hit the spot. It was there fast (within 1/2 h) and it was hot with the most delicious thin crispy crust (but not too thin otherwise you can’t pick it up) and a sauce that actually has flavor with subtle herbs that make you think you are in italy. The hot sauce – they call it el diablo – is really good as well if you love spicy and the ingredients are fresh with a healthy dose of cheese on top. It’s a bummer they don’t have a dining area. And yes, the name rocks!

            1. re: buergermeisterin

              that is totally what i loved about it! Casa Bianca in Eagle rock hass the floppiest pizza in the world-not my style. and nicky d's was good, but every time i get it its all floppy and cold to(and that is IF the delivery guy shows up with the right pie-lol).

              and where is you sense of humor-purgatory is funny-did you see the logo? they should make shirts!

          2. Worst Vegan Pizza Ever!
            My GF and I went here very excited when we heard about the vegan pizza.
            It tasted like cardboard with nasty peppery aftertaste soy cheese, and little to no sauce.
            This was a HUGE letdown. Although I have not had the non-vegan pizza there I have experienced the crust and I can assure you it is no good.

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            1. re: kaylaeats

              This is the BEST vegan pizza EVER! The crust is thin and has the perfect amount of crisp to it. The sauce is herby and the Teese chheese melts perfectly. It was even great leftover the next day upon reheat. My new favorite pizzeria is Purgatory!