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Best Breakfast Santa Monica/Brentwood

Have two friends visiting from out-of-town this week and we're meeting up for a later breakfast. We're all students, so something on the cheaper side is preferable. Any thoughts on good places on Montana, Wilshire or Santa Monica?


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  1. Hi - There are 2 thoughts... and forgive if these aren't exactly in your locations I'm still getting the lay of the land.
    1) Go to City Bakery in the Brentwood Country Mart. For a real breakfast it might cost you $10 but you can also get a famous pretzel croissant (or a scone or a muffin) and coffee for about $5. http://www.thecitybakery.com/
    2) Check out Vienna Cafe on Melrose at N. Fuller. They are known for their eggs benefict on pretzel rolls (I really didn't intend for this to be a pro-pretzel post but it just happened!), and they also do that LA thing of serving pasta with egg & bacon, really good for out-of-towners, costs about $10 if I recall. http://www.viennacafe.com/breakfast.htm

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      If Vienna Cafe is on Melrose at N. Fuller, then it is nowhere near Brentwood and Santa Monica.

    2. Grab pastries at Amandine on Wilshire.

      Blue Plate on Montana.

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        Second Amandine -- Wilshire, just west of Bundy, north side of the street. Terrific pastries, particularly Danish (which they spell "denish") and incredibly flaky croissants.

      2. Venture over to the Rose Cafe on Rose Ave in Venice. Great place to linger with friends

        1. My suggestions (to capture the California experience) would be Fred's Back on Broadway (2024 Broadway, Santa Monica, 3104-53-8919 ) which has a nice outdoor patio in the book and Jack & Jill's (510 Santa Monica Blvd.); website is http://www.eatatjacknjills.com.

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            Mmm i like Jack & Jill's. Their chili omelette is good but definitely not the best way to start your day.

          2. i've yet to find a great breakfast on the w. side, and i've tried just about everything. by great i mean something like Prune in NYC, with its homemade lamb sausages, unbelievable poached eggs, etc. there a chef is at work

            1. bread and porridge! on wilshire in santa monica. super super cute and yummy breakfasts.

              there's also jack n jill's in beverly hills and santa monica...

              1. epop, try Pedals Cafe at Shutters (1 Pico) ... closest I can think of to your criteria

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                  tried Pedals twice and found it about average... bread and porridge on a similar level; none of these has the attention to detail of the great breakfast places in NYC.

                  i prefer the food here in LA but some things were better there

                2. You absolutely cannot go wrong with Bread And Porridge on Wilshire and....23rdish? Well worth the 30 you might have to wait while you catch up on old times standing curbside.

                  1. it is fine for breakfast, true. but it isn't perfection; the sort of place i'd be interested in is with a cook that knows how to perfectly poach an egg, for example. it is subtle and
                    i haven't found a place that does it right.

                    Clementine was pretty good, at least. but still not on the level that i'd want from a breakfast place.

                    1. Joes on Venice - great food - great deal!

                      1. The Brickhouse, just over the border in Venice, behind Abbot Kinney. I also love Gilbert's for Breakfast. They have Breakfast specials before noon on weekdays and 2 on weekends, 7 bucks with coffee.

                        1. Jinky's on 2nd Street near Colorado in Santa Monica. Indoor and outdoor seating.

                          1. My favorite is Snug Harbor on Santa Monica near 23rd St (this is less than a block from Bread & Porridge mentioned here also and you'll see hungry people hovering and walking between both). Rose Cafe, Joe's, and Omelette Parlor would all be great options too.

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                              I second Snug Harbor! Portions are healthy, options a-plenty and the chef can cook up any concoction you want that's not on the menu. Plus, when you ask for an Orange Juice, they don't bring you some kiddie glass that amounts to a mere shot of juice. Take a sweatshirt and opt for patio seating.

                            2. I recommend Gilbert's El Indio on Pico and I believe 26th. They have an unbelievably low priced Mexican breakfast that includes coffee or tea for under $7 bucks per person and you can get a few different choices for breakfast. My favorite low cost breakfast around that tastes great as well. I usually choose the Machaca plate or the Chorizo and eggs. Either one will fill you up.

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                                Second, Gilbert's for a good breakfast that won't blow a student budget.

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                                  Love this one too. I'm a huge fan of the huevos indios (chilaquiles with two fried eggs) and a bloody maria.

                                2. My fave in the Brentwood area is Coral Tree Cafe (http://www.coraltreecafe.net/), unique and healthful breakfasty food items (It's always hard to decide whether to go for their french toast (almond crusted), lemon ricotta or blueberry pancakes, or one of their scrambles.


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                                    I also love Coral Tree. Their breakfast paninis are great and the coffee is really good. It can be crowded though. I also love 26 Beach Cafe if you are willing to go toward Marina del Rey. Try the pb&j french toast!

                                  2. Early World on San Vicente in Bwood...