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Mar 18, 2007 06:15 PM

Pig roast catering in Walnut Creek, CA

My wife and I want to have a pig roast for her 30th birthday. Does anyone have any recommendations on caterers in the Bay Area? Thanks for any info!

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  1. You could try Andrea Food in Vallejo. I have no experience with their catering, but my parents always order their roast pig from there for their many get-togethers.

    They've even started a website, parts of which are apparently still under-construction (even has an old CH link that doesn't work now because of the site redesign) -

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      I am partial to Chinese food. But, for the quality and price, you can do no wrong with a Chinese roast pig. You can get a small one for about 125-140 or a big one for, I think, about double the price. The smaller one is much better. I like Hing Lung in San Francisco Chinatown or Cheung Hing in the Sunset District. I organized an office party with a Hawaiian theme for about 25 people. I had a friend pick a small pig for me at Hing Lung with a tray of noodles. It was a hit. Pre-order and you can pick it up in the morning. I am also in Contra Costa and would travel the distance - it is worth it.

    2. I am also looking for someone to roast a pig on site. I own an wedding and special event venue south of Half Moon Bay and one of our brides is looking for someone who can roast a pig here.
      Any luck with you?

      1. I highly recommend Oriental Store in Vallejo (956 Admiral Callaghan Lane (across from Target). They're not located in Walnut Creek, but the trip to their store in Vallejo is worth the drive. My family and I have tried several places and we like Oriental Store the most. They also cater, which we've also tried. Their food is also great. We've ordered Hawaiian Spareribs, Salt and Pepper Prawns, Pancit (the best), Beef Steak (or Bistik) and Chicken Relleno.

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          I haven't had the lechon, but I've enjoyed other things from Oriental Store. Glad to hear that it's still strong.

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