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Mar 18, 2007 06:13 PM

Moving back to NH

Relocated for work to San Diego 5 years ago and now moving back to Bedford area. So what is good in the last few years since I have been away? I have been back a few times, so the usual suspects can be ignored but interested in Manchester to Nashua and to the Seacoast who has the best Italian, Steak, Seafood, Indian, pub grub etc now in readers opinions - cheers

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  1. For seafood, try Surf in downtown Nashua. It's owned by the folks who own Michael Timothy's. They also have a steakhouse now called Buckley's.

    For Italian, I really like La Cucina Toscana on 101A in Nashua, across from Building 19. It's in a strip mall, but it is fantastic.

    For drinks, there is Margarita's and Peddler's Daughter...both in Nashua.

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      Thanks - don't know Cucina so I will check it out when I get back. Heard of Surf but not been there. Is Ya Mammas still going strong and good? I also heard the country kitchen (Merrimac) changed to something - do you know this one?

      1. re: mickinbedford

        My last trip to YaMammas was VERY dissapointing. Just an FYI.

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          Country Kitchen ( not sure that is the right name). Are you talking about the place that is a house type place on Daniel Webster in Merrimack, not too far from the old Hannah Jack which is now by the way a Comman Man?

          If so it is now part of the Michale Timothy's - Buckley's Steak House.

          Ya Mammas - I have been twice in the last few months, and both times have been pleased. For a while had avoided it, but went one day when Cucina was closed on Super Bowl Sunday, and in the mood for Italian decided to try it again.

          I also really like Cuncina's on 101A - one of the chef's and the Matrie D are from Piccola in Manchester.

          I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with some of the changes in both areas. Not great, but things have gotten better in the last 5 years. Unfortunately a lot of chains have taken hold of 101A and even Bedford, but that is what happens.

          There are still a lot of non chains to visit.

          Welcome back to the area.

      2. Excellent southern soul and bbq on Elm st. in Manch. Premier Palette (sp?) - everything homemade from scratch so don't be in a hurry (couple is from Georgia).

        Excellent Mexican - La Carrata's in both Nashua and north Manchester - gets mobbed but soooo worth it.

        Was Cotton around? I love it, downtown Manchester (just off commerical). Best lamb steak.

        Goucho's for excellent Brazillian - on Lowell st. Manchester - across from Red Arrow Diner.

        It's on my list because everyone says great things about Indian Palace in Nashua -
        haven't been yet though.

        Love Michael Timothy's in Nashua but haven't done his Surf or Buckley's yet, but high on my list.

        Welcome back!

        1. I've never been to Ya Mammas and I don't hear many people talk about it so I can't help you with that one.

          Not too familiar with Merrimac either so not sure about Country Kitchen.

          There is a new pizza joint in Nashua called Olive 'N Herb that is very good. And their cannolis are simply amazing. It's on Canal Street. They sell dinners too.

          Seven Hills Restaurant also opened since you've been gone. It's Turkish food...been getting great reviews.

          Near Applebee's in Nashua (101A) is a place called Cedars. Excellent hummus and baklavah (sp???). The tabouli is also very good.

          1. In Nashua:
            Michael Timothy's: Good solid Italian. Very good pizza.
            The Nashua Garden - Great hideaway for a sandwich and beer.
            Peddler's Daughter has decent Irish pub faves like shepherd's pie and fish & chips
            La Carreta - Mexican. I love this place. The food is very good and always fresh. I think they mix the best Margarita's in the area. Can get a little crazy on the weekends. It's really good and really inexpensive.
            I think Surf is pretty hit or miss. I'd pass and head across the street to Michael Timothy's instead.
            Sushi place in lamplighter square on DW Highway is about as good as it gets in that area.
            Lilac Blossom on Amherst Street is good for Chinese but it's a bit over priced.

            G Amato's deli has amazing Italian take out. Killer (huge) sandwiches, decent pizza, great selection of meats and cheeses. I also suggest trying some of the pre-made take out pasta dishes like chicken, broccoli & zitti.

            Cotton - Great cocktails and food. Be sure the check out the specials as they have always been winners when I've ordered them. You can also get a pretty good steak here.
            The Rover for a good pint

            Jumpin' Jays for terrific seafood.
            Pesce Blue is another good seafood option.
            Friendly Toast might have the best breakfast in NH.

            Buckley's is a very good new steak joint. Worth the price. The Cowboy steak is particularly good here.

            The Mileaway is still pretty good.

            1. Some good lists so far, especially kittychow's. So, I'll just add a few new ones. I like Black Orchid Grill (Temple St) and and India Palace (101A) in Nashua. For Asian, I like Dynamite Sushi (Hudson, NH) and Goong Choun (where Rice and Roll was, in Nashua).

              Portsmouth is still my favorite dinner destination and I've recently found a few good places in Lowell. Those places have been discussed here, so you should do a search to find those topics.