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Mar 18, 2007 04:47 PM

Just One Night in Scottsdale, AZ

I will be in Scottsdale one Saturday evening next month. I am from Los Angeles. I had wanted to eat at Cafe Terra Cotta, not realizing it hasn't been open for appx. 6 years. So I guess i am looking for something akin to that experience, something Gourmet/High-end Southwest, without being extreme fine dining. Any suggestions from AZ hounds would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I had never dined at Cafe Terra Cotta so I can't provide a similar experience, but from what you requested, I think that maybe Cowboy Ciao would be a great spot for your one night.

    1. roaring fork could also be great though someone here mentioned that robert mcgrath is no longer there (bought pishke's now) so don't know if it's still the same quality.

      1. Having dined at the old PHX Cafe Terra Cota (but not the original Tucson location), I agree with both Seth and ccl1111. Either of those restaurants would fill the bill nicely. Now, I have not had the chance to do RF, post McGrath, but would assume that it's pretty much business as usual.

        I love the food, the wine and the staff at Cowboy Ciao, but need to let you know that it can be a bit noisy.

        For shear fun, I'd give the nod to Cowboy Ciao and play with their extensive wine list.


        1. Woah, blast from the past!! I used to love Cafe Terra Cotta and dining alfresco. We must be the only ones in the valley who aren't impressed by the Roaring Fork, however, we don't eat meat so that could potentially be the reason. As aformentioned, Cowboy Ciao is a safe bet. The quesadilla of the day is usually innovative, and everyone raves about the chopped stetson salad.

          1. We need more details about you and what you seek. We're approaching L.A. in terms of size, so a general request is hard to answer. What do you seek?

            Food experience? AZ experience? Do you want to people watch? Do you have a budget? Likewise, where are you staying? Our eateries could be as far as Thousand Oaks to Long Beach.

            I wanna help, but need a starting pint.

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              I could use a starting pint (sic) myself...No, seriously jon, let me give you more specific information...

              I will be staying in Old Town Scottsdale and have a $$$ budget in mind for dinner. People watching is of no interest whatsoever. Looking for great food, but not super fine dining (for instance, Elements at the Sanctuary resort would be a little too fine)... looking for innovative southwestern cuisine.

              A quality wine list is also a very large plus. AZ experience or at least a southwestern experience, I assume, would be part and parcel of an excellent southwestern restaurant in the area, unless i do not understand the distinction. Thanks for your help.