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Mar 18, 2007 04:39 PM

Graduation dinner in or near South Bend

La Salle Grill is too high end. Tippecanoe House or whatever it is isn't that good, in our experience. Vine = eclectic = nothing good. Our favorites, Polito's and Fiddler's Hearth, aren't right for the occasion.

I've checked the South Bend and Northwest Indiana threads and consulted the map. Skip's in New Buffalo looks a bit too far. I'm about to make reservations at Heston Supper Club outside La Porte since our group will include two grandmas. Should I?


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  1. How big is your group?
    Union Station in Mishawaka isn't bad(granted this was 2 years ago). His parents(from the area and in no way are they chowhounds)liked it. We were looking at it for the groom's dinner but ended up going elsewhere for various reasons. On the upside they have an original Kamm&Schelinger bar which is exceptionally pretty to look at.

        1. I would not reccomend Hestons. If you think LaSalle grill is high end, Hestons is the same $$$$. Brewsters is a nice Italian restaurant in New Buffalo. There is also Hannah's (which seems to be very popular among the older generations, if you are taking two grandma's).

          We were just at Hestons a week ago. It was horrible. The service was bad, the management was inexperienced, portions of the meals came at the wrong time, the drinks we ordered were wrong and the food was cold. OH! And I almost forgot! They charged someone else's meal to our bill. It was a lovely touch. We will never return. For the price, if you want to spend around $150/couple, I would highly suggest Ruth's Chris by University Park Mall. You won't be dissapointed.