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Mar 18, 2007 04:18 PM

*Cough* *cough* Pasadena Chinese delivery

*cough cough* so I'm sitting here sick at home and I have this huge craving for some Chinese food. Doesn't have to be the best in the world...but at least palatable. I'm right by Pasadena City College. Any help is really appreciated *cough cough*

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  1. Dearest cough - Cry no more! Call Go China. They're on Lake at Walnut next to Ralphs. Food is great and they will deliver. No menu on line! I always recommend anything shrimp. But, maybe their wonton soups would be the right thing for you: 626-793-3888
    Love their food! (eggplant is the bomb!)

    1. This is interesting to me because we ordered Cashew Chicken, egg rolls and fried shrimp Friday night at work and the first two items were horrid. I never toss food but I tossed this almost as quickly as I got it. At first I thought the food was just average but after a few bites I found the food to be horrid. My workmates would never let me order from them again. Bad night?

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        I think so. Sorry for your bad meal. I had many a cashew chicken and it's always been good. I'vd been ordering food at Go China for about 6-7 years on a regular basis but, haven't been for about 6-8 months So, they may be on the down swing with ownership. Not sure.

      2. I, too, had a hankering for Chinese this evening while battling a cold. I turned to the ever-dependable Fu-Shing, which usually delivers to my Caltech neighborhood home usually in 30 mins. or less. It's pretty darned good food, especially delivered.

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          Jack Flash -

          maybe I should try this place too........KQ

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            If Fu Shing delivers, you should definitely go for them. I'm used to eating SGV authentic Chinese food and even Fu Shing is quite good for me.

          2. fortune chinese on raymond, they deliver. i liked their food the last time i had it. its been awhile though.

            1. We usually order from Fortune and it's fine. Go China must have had a bad night.