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Mar 18, 2007 03:55 PM

Sliced pork belly

What can I do with this? Any recipes?

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  1. There's a lot that can be done with braised pork belly. What size/shape are your slices?

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    1. re: lunchbox

      They are thin slices from a Korean market.

      1. re: nosey

        The slices are for grilling or stir-frying rather than braising.

    2. The recipe I've used is one of Nigel Slater's ones, and it's divine. I can't remember it exactly, but try this:

      Fry onions in some butter - be generous with the butter. Cut the belly into bite size pieces, taking off the skin and the top layer of fat if there is plenty of fat between the other layers - but don't try to take off all the fat. Add the meat to the onions and brown it for a couple of minutes. Add a little flour to thicken it, then squeeze in some lemon juice and add some seeded mustard. Add some water and then simmer for an hour or more. It's very rich, but the lemon cuts through the butter and the fat in the meat. Serve it with plain new potatoes or rice, and maybe a green salad.

      1. Couple of days ago I was eating in a Korean restaurant and watched the guy in front of me eat pork belly. They first brought the raw slices out for his inspection, then grilled it and brought it back cut into bite sized pieces. He ate the pieces wrapped in lettuce and I imagine he had things like kochujang/denjang to spread on the meat. (If you were at the Korean market maybe you have that on hand too, but many tart/sweet sauces would work if the bean pastes are not available.) My roommate used to eat it dipped in sesame oil, which I never could figure out - why make it more greasy?

        I had some great twice-cooked pork fried rice the other day made with pork belly. Look for recipes for Sichuan twice cooked pork (or hui guo rou), and you could make fried rice with the leftovers.

        1. Kimchee goes great with pork belly. Saute with garlic and butter. Add gochujang (hot red pepper paste) if you like it extra spicy. Serve with sliced tofu or rice.

          1. too bad it's sliced. If it was whole, this brilliant recipe from Moro restaurant in London would be heaven: