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In search of (rarer) liquid refreshments

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A port wine fancier (with a serious sweet tooth), I'm looking to broaden my wine-horizons a little. Does anyone know where I could find:

Muscat wine
Medeira wine
A good Brazilian Caipirinha cocktail

Okay, the last one isn't wine - but I'd love to try it anyway...! Thanks in advance for any/all leads...!

--Janet (GG)

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  1. i've always been pretty happy with the caipirinhas at esperanto and their related bar (the name escapes me now...), both on Ave C and 9th and 7th, respectively.
    also i think they serve them a boca chica, on 1st and 1st. but i'm by no means a brazilian cocktail expert.
    i think i remember seeing a muscat wine on the menu at SRO (single room occupancy), a very hard to find tiny bar in hell's kitchen.
    uh...sorry not to be of better help...

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      Thanks - this gives me some leads to check out...!

    2. Along the lines of muscat -- try a moscato d'asti -- simple, quite sweet, low alcohol, with a tiny bit of fizz. You'll find that alongside dessert menus at many italian restaurants (I'm pretty sure Otto serves a moscato d'asti by the glass).

      1. I love Madeira, but it can be a bit tricky to find. Try Astor Wines (4th & Lafayette); they have a great selection, and I'm sure they have other good sweet options as well.

        And if you're into sweet: Ice wine, some proseccos, Sauternes, some Rieslings, some Vouvrays and Chenin Blancs are all good options.